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Since Michael Jackson‘s untimely death, the fate of Neverland Ranch has faced much speculation. But rumors are now circulating that his children, Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson would like to convert the 2,800 acre property into a “community park and center for animals.”

In response, PETA rep Michelle Cho fired off a letter to the children urging them to convert the property into a sanctuary for rescued animals.

“We are writing because it has come to our attention that you hope to one day turn your father’s Neverland Ranch into a community park and center for animals,” Cho writes. “We encourage you to call for this vast refuge to be turned into a true wildlife sanctuary where animals can be properly taken care of instead of a zoo, where people are encouraged to gawk at imprisoned animals in the name of profit.”

In the ranch’s heyday it used to house camels, giraffes, pythons, macaws, elephants, monkeys, alligators, and tigers among other animals. Perhaps the most famous of these was Bubbles, Michael’s chimpanzee who became more of a companion than a mere animal to him. In the end, Bubbles was relocated to a sanctuary where he is free from the public eye, something the children were reminded of in the letter.

“Michael realized that Bubbles belonged with others of his kind in a loving and safe environment, and we hope that Prince Michael and Paris will honor his memory by doing the same for other animals,” said PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk in a press release.

The letter ends with Cho providing resources to the children on how they could turn the ranch into a haven, “Much would have to be done, but with some of the necessary facilities already in place, Neverland Ranch could be a suitable location for an animal sanctuary.”

And in closing, PETA emphasizes that Neverland could be, “a place where animals can escape from their former lives of abuse and neglect. With that in mind, I would like to offer you PETA’s support if you choose to go forward with plans to turn the Neverland Ranch into a true sanctuary.”

We’d love to see Prince and Paris take this advice to heart and turn Neverland into a safe refuge for animals! What do you think should become of Neverland?

  • hesouttamylife

    That on the surface appears to be a noteworthy cause; however, that venture will be particularly costly and require highly skilled personnel to ensure that those animals are kept at bay from the neighboring community. At least in a well maintained zoo setting the threat to human habitation will be less threatened.

  • Claire Gosse

    I think PETA’s idea to turn Neverland Ranch into an animal sanctuary is brilliant. It makes perfect sense since it was once home to a variety of animals and has the facilities to house them. I hope Michael’s kids take Michelle Cho’s letter to heart.

  • LibelFreeZone

    Michael’s children are minors, and will be for quite some time. When they become adults is the time for PETA to make its wishes known. I hope PETA will also open its wallet wide, for it’ll be costly to turn Neverland into an animal sanctuary.

  • visitor

    For those who don’t remember, PETA once accused Michael Jackson of mistreating his animals at Neverland based on a TABLOID article. It was proved untrue thanks to an official investigation, yet PETA didn’t apologize. They also blamed Michael when he gave his giraffes to new owners and they found out the new owners were not keeping the giraffes in enough space. And now they want to help Michael Jackson’s kids?

  • Ryan

    Good idea or not, it is pathetic of PETA to ask such things of children, this is their home, where they grew up, with their father. Like the kids should be thinking about what is going to happen to their home.

  • SWB

    I agree. It is inappropriate for PETA to be approaching underage children for their cause. Before they do that, they need to ask permission from the adult responsible for the children. It is truly self serving and, as a parent, I would be upset for an activist group like PETA to approach my child without my permission.

  • KingzWarrior

    To me, PETA needs to get a grip of the reality around Michael’s children. Their baggage is full of troubles and emotional distress already, they need to be left alone.
    I wonder why PETA never retracted their accusations and apologized to Michael? and yet have the audacity to approach his children with this demand. PETA’s cause sure looks noble and nice but I can’t help feel a stinking hindsight to it. Anyway, we’ll see what the outcome is if there would be any.

  • mj true fan

    Mj’s Neverland is his dream house and that should not be converted instead of that tprince and paris should make neverland like before neverland was before when live there!!
    once in a interview Michael Jackson neverland represents me and his children should make it like before that mj had made!!
    Prince and paris are doing wrong!!