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by Ali Garfinkel
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I love when a celebrity actually uses their fame for a good cause, don’t you?

A few months ago, Adam Lambert requested that for his 29th birthday (on January 29th) he wanted people to help raise $29,000 for charity: water, a campaign designed to help bring clean, safe drinking water to developing nations.

Fortunately, the fans were listening: not only was he able to reach that goal in under 6 hours, but the fans begged for more! Tweeters requested he raise the goal to $290,000, and together they were able to raise $60,000 in just two days. Now, according to his twitter account, as of 24 hours ago received $323,255— which will help bring water to over 16,000 people. And that’s only after three months!

I suppose Lambert underestimated the powerful influence he has on his fans, but we’re certainly impressed by his continuous, selfless efforts to help those in need.

The campaign has been closed, but you can still donate to the cause by clicking here.

  • chica63

    Thanks for this mention on Adam and Charity Water! It’s been exciting and fun to watch the total grow daily and know that so many people are going to be helped by our donations. This campaign was pretty much limited to word of mouth through twitter so to raise that kind of money is really amazing. Adam is a caring, giving person who inspires and encourages his fans to donate to several charities including Donors Choose and the Trevor Project.

  • PattiHum

    Adam Lambert inspires in so many ways. I wish more people would realize what an amazing human being he is!

  • Elizabeth

    Adam and hs fans have raised over 1 million dollars, in just under 2 years, for his specified charities. And that is ust the eginning, I’m sure.

  • Dinah-mite

    Thank you for reporting this wonderful event. It should also be mentioned that Adam NEVER boasts, or even mentions all the good that he does… Mainstream media was more than happy to really blast that Adam had a little too much “fun” at Lady Gaga’s BDay party. But this is WAY under reported.
    Adam continues to be a very down to earth person that genuinely cares about people.
    In my opinion, not only is he enormously talented, but a beautiful person to boot! The world could use more like Adam…

  • Canadiann

    Adam Lambert’s fans are inspired by his example of always spreading love and demonstrating a spirit of caring and generosity. How wonderful that he continually finds ways to channel such incredible fan devotion into astounding support for worthy causes.

  • laurieb

    Thank-you so much for writing a very positive and uplifting article. Adam has inspired us, to take action for those less fortunate. This is not the first time he has used his celebrity to bring aid to others and it certainly wont be the last. We love Adam for all the good he does and all the positive energy he sends out to the world.

  • Kristina

    Adam is everything good in this world!

  • Stingray

    Adam is really a very nice, sweet person. He’s one of the celebrities with the best personalities out there. It absolutly kills me every time someone hates on him, just because they can’t see beyond their tiny ignorant boxes and realize how wonderful he is.