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“Red Riding Hood” star Amanda Seyfried definitely likes werewolves in the film, but in real life she prefers to have them stuffed.

While touring the UK and promoting “Red Riding Hood”, Seyfried had some good and bad moments. The good? She wore an eco-friendly dress designed by Karen Caldwell, an associate of Livia Firth.

But as if to counter that good karma, Seyfried also told The Daily Express that she’s a fan of taxidermy. “I love good taxidermy, it’s like art,” said Seyfried. “A lot of people think it’s weird, but I don’t know why.”

Um, how about because they’re stuffed dead animals?

While touring Paris with Ryan Philippe (the two are an item), Seyfried reportedly bought a dead, stuffed horse. Not only is that a little strange and pretty gross, it would also be pretty inconvenient to check at the airport.

Many taxidermists take on jobs from hunters who want a permanent trophy of their kills from hunting trips or safaris. In other cases, animals that were well-loved while they were living are stuffed so that they can remain in people’s memories (or eyesight). Knut the polar bear, who suffered from encephalitis before drowning in his enclosure, was recently worked on by taxidermists so that he may be on display at a German museum.

While I can appreciate the desire to keep a loved animal around, taxidermy seems at the very least to be disrespectful to the animal. Knut spent his entire life on display and paid a heavy price for it, shouldn’t he be able to rest in peace now? After all, educational exhibitions aside, stuffing a dead human would be generally frowned upon, wouldn’t it?

So, Amanda, count me as one of the many who thinks it’s “weird.” And enjoy your dead horse.

  • Megan Rascal

    so gross!

  • whitney

    I… wait… what? Okay, three questions:

    1) Where does one purchase a dead horse?
    2) Where would one put a dead horse
    3) WHY?

    • herwin

      1) …at the Taxidermy Shop in london of course !
      2) bedroom.
      3) that’s pretty obvious, she is a girl (an old one though…) and many girls like riding horses, they adore them.
      10$ say she will ride the stuffed horse sometimes when she is alone, possible in the nude sometimes.

  • Heather

    Nothing wrong with taxidermy, but it’s worth asking how a specific animal was obtained.

  • LittleMe

    Prefer animals alive and well, tbh. I’ve lost a few much loved pets over the years and never had the desire to have them stuffed. I don’t see the appeal unless you love hunting and killing animals and a constant reminder gives you kicks.

  • Penny

    what a crazy woman.