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Photo: Via You Song Young, Jin Soo Yeon, Ahn Ho Sang, and Lee Sung Jae/Tuvie

I remember when I was in grade school the best part of my day was recess; a time when I was free of teachers and could burn off all my pent up energy. But thanks to this playground, designed by You Song Young, Jin Soo Yeon, Ahn Ho Sang, and Lee Sung Jae, the learning will continue during play time and it will be about clean energy!

Hyundai engineering and construction is calling the design the “Natural Energy Park” and the concept earned the company a Red Dot design award in the green category. It keeps the fun of a jungle gym, but adds in a science experiment to teach kids all about renewable energy.

The science experiment comes into play by forcing kids to interact with the playground. Every time a kid plays with a certain part of the set, it activates a portion of it. For example, you can climb a ladder into a laboratory, where the kid can then spin a wheel that will illuminate “Benjamin Franklin’s kite”—an optical illusion that will spin at varying speeds depending on how the child adjusts the solar panels.

There’s also a bike the children can pedal to power a pinwheel and illuminate lights around the playground. That pedal-power continues with a radio, a see-saw powered water wheel, and an airplane that “flies” based on magnetic levitation.

This interaction with the play-set helps to introduce kids to the concepts behind using wind, water, and sun as forms of energy.

Right now the playground is in the design stages, but how amazing would this be for kids to have access to?

Via EarthTechling

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    Has this park been built anywhere yet?