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We told you about the trailer for the upcoming film “African Cats,” which will focus on the “true story” of two big cat families attempting to make it in “the most wild place on Earth.” Now that it’s a little more than two weeks away from opening, real changes have already been taking place in the African savanna.

Moviegoers have bought $1.7 million in tickets, and thanks to Disneynature’s “See ‘African Cats,’ Save the Savanna” campaign, that translates to the company making a contribution in honor of everyone who buys a ticket to the film’s opening week. So, in total, more than 9,500 acres of land within Kenya’s Amboseli Wildlife Corridor have been saved! A number that will continue to rise with ticket purchases.

The film’s opening week is April 22-28th, and Alan Bergman, president of The Walt Disney Studios, said, “We are very impressed with the passion people are showing for ‘African Cats’—advance ticket sales for this film have surpassed both ‘Earth’ and ‘Oceans’ at this stage of the game, which shows how excited moviegoers are for both the movie and the ‘Save the Savanna’ initiative.”

Bergman then added, “The Amboseli Corridor is an essential passage utilized by so many animals in the African savanna. The advance ticket sales so far will allow Disneynature with African Wildlife Foundation’s assistance to conserve more than 9,500 acres of this passage—which equates to 19 Disney’s Animal Kingdoms, or nearly two-thirds the size of Manhattan—and we still have two weeks till opening day.”

Is this a great way to sell seats? Yes. But is it also an easy means of helping to preserve these animals habitat? Absolutely! Tickets are available online at