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Jamie Oliver debuted the second contentious season of his “Food Revolution” reality series last night – and right away, the LA School Board was showing him and his film crew the door.

Of course, we’ve been following this drama since early in the year – but now all of America gets to see the type of resistance to healthier eating that the 35-year-old chef has been up against.

Undeterred, the episode last night saw Oliver visit a burger joint and attempt to get the owner to change some of the items on his menu. He didn’t bite, since the move would end up costing him money, but it was revealing nonetheless when he mentioned that he wouldn’t feed his kids some of the items on his own menu.

However, over on, Ken Tucker (who must consider the nation a paragon of health), thought Oliver was some kind of dick for attempting to rob America of its burgers and sugary drinks. “His showboating gestures don’t make for coherent arguments, either with school officials or, ultimately, with TV viewers, I would guess,” quipped Tucker.

Well, Ken can wake up to some pissed off people in the comments who disagree.

“Shame on you Ken Tucker,” wrote one. “As our country is growing more and more obese by the day you trash someone who is actually taking the unpopular steps of trying to make it better? Would you feed your children pink slime? Give them chocolate milk with their cereal? You need to rethink your article if you care about this country’s health.”

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  • Deborah

    I am a Canadian…And i just want to say i commend Jamie Oliver for his efforts to change what society and industry as a whole has done to our childrens eating habits…The nutritional value has literally gone to the dogs for the sake on MONEY !! As well as any kind of physical activities.. I think that Jamie could reach people more easily if he showed how this is effecting our nation on more of an individual basis…By the day ,week,year and then what a child will consume in a 12 year school cycle i fthis continues…GOOD LUCK JAMIE !!! I support you completely on your quest !!!

  • meaghan

    I too am Canadian, and would be jumping at the oppurtunity that is being given to LA school districts. Do those Board members really have the best interest of the students at hand, I think not.
    I know the hot lunch menu in my district in New Brunswick is terrible, I don’t understand why most of the school’s have kitchen’s yet fail to use them to provide our future with healthy food. And I think alot of behavioural problems with regards to children not paying attention in class has alot to do with the processed, colored, sugared junk that our kids are consuming!!
    I say way to go Jamie!!!! And wake up LA, you have been offered a valuable resource!
    PS Jamie, have you ever thought of coming to Atlantic Canada??

  • Julee

    I support your cause 100%. The ignorance is astounding. Garbage in garbage out seems so obvious Perhaps you should use the angle of research that shows improved test scores and behavior of kids when nutrition is supported. And that school funding is linked to test scores if not mistaken. Best of luck.

  • Claire Gosse

    I watched the first season of Jamie’s Food Revolution and it was pretty gross to see what kids are fed in school. Unfortunately parents aren’t feeding them much better at home. If change is going to happen, it needs to happen at home first. I wish Jamie all the best and fully support what he’s trying to do.

  • Carolyn

    Season 2 has set up quite a drama. I commend Jamie for going head to head on subjects many of us feel powerless to confront. The problem is too big but bringing the visuals to mainstream TV is powerful stuff. I wish our elected officials would watch this show.

    I suggest Jamie addresses the issue of High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is killing us!!!!! I think it is the greatest contributing factor to the obesity epidemic in our nation today. I think our bees are even dying because of it.

    As for school lunches – budget, budget, budget. We have to find a way for school cafeterias not to have to be profit centers or self sustaining. Cafeteria staff and school boards have no choice but to offer enticing, cheap foods that kids will buy because they can’t lose money. As Jamie showed last season, the cheap food is subsidized so the school’s have not choice but to purchase it. More partnerships need to be set up between entities to provide food to cafeterias, especially in low income neighborhoods. If we can’t get this right in our schools, we are growing up children with viable addictions to sugar by the time they are in 2nd grade and other food products that lead to other serious addictions. Lunches brought to school that have been packed by parents are much better. This is an overwhelming problem.

    You probably think I’m a health food freak who eats whole grains, no meat and am skinny. No, quite the opposite. I believe that I do have a food and sugar addiction that I can’t control and I am considered obese myself. I can’t remember a day in my life that I haven’t felt guilt about the food I eat and they weight I carry every day. The diet companies don’t help.

    Jamie, I applaud you for your efforts on the behalf of our kids. I’ll keep watching.

  • Carolyn

    I meant to say that schools packed by parents in many schools AREN’T much better.

  • http://www, Mark Osborne

    I support Jamie and what he is doing. I enjoyed watching the first season which started a month after I made the choice to go vegan. He doesn’t go as far nutritionally as I would recommend, but he has done a good job of raising public awareness.