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Animals sure do know how to out-adorable each other, don’t they?

We told you about the unlikely bond between a goose and a deer in New York last week, and now video has surfaced of a cat playing with a group of dolphins. Seriously.

The video shows the dolphins in the water, as the cat bats and nuzzles at the dolphins beak. It is just too cute.

The description of the uploaded video reads, “Cat and Dolphin playing together. Theater of the Sea, a marine animal park in Islamorada, Florida in 1997. The dolphins are Shiloh and Thunder and the cat is Arthur.”

Check it out below and get ready to let out some much needed “Awwww’s.”

  • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    Yup… I had to share it on my blog, too! Now if only humans were as accepting and loving.

    • d0bermann

      now if only the creator of the video actually thought it would be cool to have a viral video, that would be great… video is now private, anyone know if there’s an extra copy out there?

      • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

        Yeah, that’s so odd. Someone just pointed that out to me on my blog. Here’s a link:

      • David Fm Florida

        Go to Google search and put in: cat and Dolphins,
        It will give you many news sites some will show the video, don’t fear scrolling down to find it…

  • Sandy McElhaney

    Some facts about this “cute” video. It is several years old. The dolphins in the video are all dead. It was taken at a place called “Theater of the Sea” which means those were captive dolphins – taken from their natural home in the open water to entertain people. Captivity is well known to cause shortened lifespan for dolphins. The owner of Theater of the Sea was sited by the USDA for having too many cats and that the waste from the cats was contaminating the water where the dolphins swim. Still think this video is cute? Have you ever seen a little movie called The Cove? Please check out our facebook page called Save Misty the Dolphin.

    • don miguelo

      Ouch. That’s gotta hurt ecorazzi, who certainly seems pro-dolphin and pro-The Cove. Posting a video like this on its site without doing the research behind any possible cruelty. Hopefully Sandy you are incorrect with all that but I have no idea, it’s the 1st time I have seen it.

      We can’t just stand up for dolphins one day and then, for the sake of cuteness, pretend it’s all good. Cuteness is selfish too, no?

      • don miguelo

        I just looked this up:

        “At Theater of the Sea in Islamorada, waste runoff from a large colony of cats the owners keep may have contaminated the dolphins’ and sea lions’ water. More than 80 felines roamed the grounds during a recent visit.

        USDA inspector and veterinarian Mary Moore warned in March 2002, ‘The numbers of these cats have grown to a level significant enough to be considered a mammalian pest problem with disease transmission a potential concern.’

        The family-owned Theater of the Sea agreed to stop taking in cats and to keep those already there out of the marine mammal areas. During another inspection in January 2003, Moore again saw cats near the marine mammals.

        Eight dolphins died at Theater of the Sea — half its collection — between 1996 and 2001. The animals ranged in age from 2 to 28.Theater of the Sea declined to answer any questions. The USDA, which throws out inspection records after three years, could not say whether any of the deaths were related to cat waste.”

      • Michael dEstries

        Hmmm..seems like we’ve got eggs on our face here. But please know that it was posted with the best of intentions and not in a pro-captivity way. I’ll have Erin see if she can kind out any additional info and we’ll update.

        Thank you Sandy for bringing that to our attention – and thanks Don for the additional info.

    • Patricia

      Sandy is absolutely correct. APHIS dictates that felines not be kept with marine mammals. If you look at the history of this facility, their track record for keeping dolphins alive is dismal. They were indeed cited for many many unsanitary conditions. Sure, the video is cute but is the fact that all the animals in that video died soon after also so cute?

  • don miguelo

    Don’t get me wrong I love me a cute dolphin and/or cat too! Who can know these days where all the videos are from? Like I said up there, I thought it was neat until Sandy pointed this out. Nice to see it quickly addressed by ecorazzi just in case. Much appreciated!!!

  • David Fm Florida

    I took the video from my monitor, and am not sure it was or is an infringement on who took the video, I do know you can see it at:
    Page down the video is there as I write, Sorry for mine, don’t want any problems! Ciao!

  • http://roadrunner Maryann

    Why did this adorable video all of a sudden go “PRIVATE”? We can’t share it any longer. Too bad the cat owner isn’t as nice as the precious creatures featured. Shame on you.

    • seairra

      the video was taken down because misinformed (some perhaps well meaning)activists against dolphins in human care were threatenting the gentleman who posted it. he is not even affiliated with the facility.

  • seairra

    and why ruiin a sweet moment with unrelated heresay?

  • Beach Mama

    Captive dolphin facilities should be banned. I believe this cat is showing compassion and empathy towards the captive dolphins on a level that human beings just don’t seem to get . . .

  • Patricia

    It was not taken down because he was receiving threats. He got greedy and was slapping copyright infringements against anyone else who posted it when he did not own rights to it himself. He got into trouble with youtube for violating terms.