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I know that singer Ke$ha enjoys glitter eyeliner and wakes up in the mornin’ feeling like P. Diddy, but that she’s a vegetarian and animal activist to boot? Color me surprised.

The pop star is featured in a new PETA ad against Canada’s annual seal hunt, which is going on right now and aims to fill a quota for killing several hundred thousand seals for meat, fur, and oil.

The seals (many of them just pups) are often clubbed, beaten, and skinned, and the Canadian government has yet to put a stop to the practice.

The tag line for the poster reads, “Canada’s Club Scene Sucks,” which is fitting for the party girl. Then in small print it reads, “Canada’s night life rules, but clubbing seals is cruel and wastes millions of tax dollars.”

Ke$ha isn’t the only celeb outraged over this, as Ellen Degeneres took to her show and her fans to plead for them to help sign a petition to end the seal slaughter.

Hopefully Ke$ha’s appearance in this will help bring together her fans for this good cause as well!

  • mister jingles

    this is a very awsome ad to stop the slaughter of the innocent!

  • paigepaigepaige

    i agree never would have expected that out of kesha

  • romika3

    The PETA poster is incorrect. White coats have not been harvested since 1987, that is 24 years ago and seals are now required to be shot rather than clubbed. What about the seal harvest in Namabia and the six species of seals that are on the endangered list, two of which are in the USA?????

    • crumpets are yummy

      I wonder how much white coat seal fur coats are trading at right now.

      • romika3

        “I wonder how much white coat seal fur coats are trading at right now.”White coat seal fur is trading for $0.00 as they have not been harvested since 1987, it is illegal to harvest them. But since you are supporter of PETA and the SSCS it is in your best interest to promote this myth through dated video, posters etc as it wil bring in more donations. That’s what it is all about with you folks, donations.

      • romika3

        Now poster boy for PETA, how about some replies to my other posts!!!!

  • romika3

    “wastes millions of tax dollars.” this is a myth. Fishermewn own thier boats, pay for their fuel, hire and pay thier crew, and get paid for the skin and oil. PETA, SSCS, HSUS and at least 17 organizations work hard to keep myths like this alive.

  • romika3

    “The seals (many of them just pups) are often clubbed, beaten, and skinned,” This statement is incorrect. The white coat has not been harvested since 1987, there is no market for them. The seals are required to be shot on clubbed. What is with the “beaten” term??? This term is used by organizations like PETA, SSCS, HSUS etc to demonize fishermen and to protray them as savages. Again this is an example of groups and the writer of this article working hard to keep myths alive. Shame on you.

  • romika3

    Now lets talk about the seal harvest in Namibia. Why isn’t PETA, SSCS, HSUS and the 17 other organizations there???? Here is the answer:

    – it’s to dangerous to protest in Namibia
    – it’s not cool
    – there is not money to be made in Namibia or off the people there
    – nobody cares about Africa anyway
    – what celebrity wants to be on a poster about an issue in Africa

    The bottom line is that the PETA protest is a farce, celebrities jump on the “bandwagon” and rarely know anything about the issue or the people/culture they protest and 99.9 % have never set foot in Eastern Canada.

  • ray cluse

    So .. you’re cool with killing seals, then?

  • Emma

    What are the chances ‘Ray Cluse’ is a ‘fisherman’ who kills seals? For the record, we don’t care where they are killed or how they are killed, we just want to save them! In Canada, Africa or the Moon!

    • romika3

      Then lets see the poster a about Africa and the moon. That’s the problem with you folks, you pick and choose. The choice based on potential income and media profile, safe and less risk, proximity to comfortable hotels and bars, and the available of guliable youth who are looking for a safe and easy way to say they are saving the world. Shame on PETA for exploiating women, people with status,youth, and little old ladies with money.

  • Emma

    Not ray cluse, romika3! lol