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Photo: Last Chance for Animals

Mike Tyson, one of the more surprising public figures to embrace a vegan lifestyle, has partnered with Last Chance for Animals on a new billboard in West Hollywood.

The giant ad features the former heavyweight champion kissing a dove, with the words “Vegan” and “Love Animals, Don’t Eat Them.”

“I am truly honored and grateful to be a part of this cause,” the 44-year-old said. “It’s been a while since an organization has wanted me for anything and to be a part of something that benefits people and animals in such a positive way is a blessing.”

In an interview with Fox’s Greta Van Susteren last night, Tyson mentioned that he wished he’d been a vegan since birth. “When you find out about the processed stuff you have been eating. I wonder why I was crazy all those years.”

“All that garbage I was eating running around, the drugs didn’t help either,” he added.

Tyson also mentioned that his wife, with whom he’s extremely close, does the majority of the vegan cooking.

“My wife will never be a vegan. She is like, this week we are going to be a vegetarian guys. This month we’re going to be a vegan. She wants to lose weight she is a vegan that month, a vegetarian. She likes to eat fish and red meat. She is the one that inspired know become a very began. She was a vegan that month.”

Check out the full interview here.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hi-Linda/10035993 Hi Linda

    Thank you for posting this Michael! Veganism in the media is not getting good coverage lately…thank goodness for Mike Tyson :) Love his interview on Fox too (of all places!). Every time he has a new interview, he’s looking ever more awesome!

  • Kevin

    So we should take diet advice from a woman abusing ear eater?

    • Jeff

      Nobody’s perfect, and it seems like the guy has really turned his life around and is trying to live right. How about being supportive instead of being so critical? Just saying. . .

      • Phoenix

        Well said Jeff! : )
        Have you seen him on Ellen? I found the clip on youtube. He has seeemed to turn his life around. Good for him.

    • Angie Sharp

      In the bible it says: ” Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future”

      • didrock

        the Bible doesn’t say that at all. that’s a famous quote from a poet Oscar Wilde

    • http://facebook mary

      Uh, he also breaths, you’re not going to do that either?
      Good for you Mr. Tyson! GO VEGAN!!!

  • Tomás Montoya

    You have started the path to happiness. Congratulations Mike.

  • http://thevegantruth.blogspot.com Butterflies Katz

    Sounds to me from the articles I’ve read that Tyson is NOT a vegan, but is eating a vegan diet. That is nice that he is eating a vegan diet, but that does not make one a vegan. Veganism is NOT a diet; but a way of life that seeks to exclude participation in animal exploitation and carries out to all aspects of one’s life, not just diet.

  • Michelle

    Most vegans were not raised on a vegan diet or lifestyle, we all have a pasr, hopefully this is a step in the right direction for Tyson. As a celebrity, he has the power to enlighten the masses on his journey.

  • TeeJay

    I completely agree with Butterflies Katz…. just because you eat a vegan diet doesn’t mean you are vegan……

    • ali

      damn..I don’t get all of y’all that are trying to deny he is a vegan..vegan is a diet and a way of life…abstaining from flesh foods, dairy, and eggs=vegan diet..diet means something you do on a daily basis..that’s all it means and eating is a part of daily life..Are you saying that he is a hypocrite by posing for this billboard? what does it take for you to bestow the label upon him? YOu people are ridiculous…at least he is doing something that may influence others to make positive changes..may God reward him..

      • ami

        Diet is only part of being vegan, there is a lot more to it: e.g. does he avoid wearing clothes & using materials (as far as possible) made from animals or animal derivatives (like leather, silk, wool); does he avoid using products that have been tested on animals or whose ingredients have been tested on animals or which include animal ingredients or animal derivatives, or have been processed using animal parts (like in detergents, skin care, cosmetics, hair care, alcohol…). That is what is meant by ‘way of life’. There is probably no such thing as a perfect vegan as animal use is so pervasive, but the above would be considered basic for calling oneself vegan. He should not call himself vegan if he only uses the diet and nothing else.

  • Larry

    a very compassionate thing to do Mr. Tyson….I hope many other celebrities will follow your lead…many thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/jahliss Liss

    God bless him! I hope he inspires someone to go vegan too!

  • Ruth

    Lets not jump and praise him just yet, because alot of people say that they are Vegetarians or Vegans and when they get a little sick you find out that they ate something that has animal products in it or that they ate fish or chicken!

  • D B

    not sure what stunt he is pulling now….he spent time in prison for rape people…kissing a dove does not make me wanna listen to anything he has to say..

    nuff said

  • ronanki

    Good that Tyson is propogating a good cause. It will have lot of good impact on enviornament