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I’d rather do a whole lot of unpleasant things (i.e. pour sand in my ears, try to run UP a down escalator, etc.) than listen to anything Glenn Beck has to say. But the conservative talk-show host has thrown us all a curve ball and gone vegan, go figure.

Apparently he has changed his lifestyle for health reasons, and on top of that he’s cutting out gluten and sugar. This is a tall order for anyone, but for Beck it is “vomitus” and “apocalyptic.”

Or at least that’s what he claimed on the air of his nationally syndicated radio show.

“I had a glass of wheat grass last night,” he said. “I actually drank this stuff and I ended up with a blade of grass in my mouth, I’m not kidding you, it is awful.”

His veg diet began in February, but it sounds like it’s not going so well for him. “I’m eating crap,” the 47-year-old said, “I don’t even know.”

Hopefully, Beck will be able to stick with the diet and become a little more open-minded about the vegan options out there. Obviously it’s completely false and extreme to call a veg lifestyle “apocalyptic” but then again, that is Glenn Beck for ya!

Check out a video clip of Beck talking about his new veg lifestyle below.

Via Vegetarian Star

  • don miguelo

    I knew it certainly couldn’t be for ethical reasons!!!

  • Genevieve KomboKitten Lesch

    You will definitely not be able to reap the health benefits if you do not go vegan for ethical reasons, because you will not have the inspiration needed to drive the vegan lifestyle for the rest of your life. Doing it for self gain is selfish, doing it to change the world is another thing, it’s amazing – like LOVE

    • sammie forte

      SO TRUE!

    • Brian

      You aren’t changing a thing except your own smugness. What doesn’t promote the vegan cause is always having the people farthest ‘out there’ in the realm to nutty representing it. Vegan marketing is in serious need of a shower. Maybe having someone that isn’t a green, liberal, card carrying PETA member and resident hippy as the face of this.

      • don miguelo

        OK, Glenn. Oh sorry was that too smug?

        Hahaha that’s a good point in a way though, having a relatable vegan would be great. Besides Ellen DeGeneres, Paul McCartney. Carl Lewis of course.

        I just think Mr. Beck is a bit too far in the other direction.

  • Michael dEstries

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet VegNews next vegan food photographer! ;)

    • don miguelo

      BWAHAHA!! —At least he can handle (badly) some controversy!!!!

    • herwin

      off topic ! ;-) seriously, CONGRATS to you i am sure the photo’s will be very exciting and inspiring and and no doubt many people will re-subscribe JUST because of your awsome real veg photo’s.

  • Grace VegetableInduced Coma

    I just @ him on twitter with a recipe link for one of those AMAZING tofu cream pies.

    While I agree he is a horrible man, if he would try some yummy vegan food, perhaps he could encourage others to go vegan! While it may not be for the RIGHT reasons at the moment, if he sticks with it long enough, perhaps his mind will “get it”.

    After all, veganism is a sort of triangle of ethics, environmental reasons and health, if you go in for one reason people usually adopt the other ones too. :)

    • Lilamedusa Baudelia

      I think all he needs is to be informed, I mean, sure I sometimes miss meat, but vegan food is delicious! It was a wonderful thing of you to do to try to help him keep his health and, at the same time, help us with our big triangle. XD

  • The Valley Vegan

    It’s too bad people think “vegan food” should be something disgusting so they only eat the disgusting things! As a vegan, I have never had wheat grass, but I do love all kinds of vegetables. If someone could just let people in on the big vegan secret that all fruits & vegetables are “vegan”, along with starches, grains & beans, nuts and all kinds of junk food (if you read the label carefully enough) are up for grabs, a whole world would open up. We wouldn’t hear about “vomitus” vegan food, we’d hear people talking about how wonderful & colorful their diet suddenly is, and how delicious oreos are dipped in vanilla soy milk.

  • mmstp

    Hey Glenn
    How about you just try eating ‘healthy food’ ie greens, grains and beans – avoid the faux meatballs and just enjoy yummy, not processed food??!!? Is that too conspiratorial for you? ?!?!?

    I agree with
    Grace VegetableInduced Coma:
    “While I agree he is a horrible man, if he would try some yummy vegan food, perhaps he could encourage others to go vegan! While it may not be for the RIGHT reasons at the moment, if he sticks with it long enough, perhaps his mind will “get it”.
    After all, veganism is a sort of triangle of ethics, environmental reasons and health, if you go in for one reason people usually adopt the other ones too.”

    And while I would argue there are no ‘RIGHT’ reasons to go vegan, perhaps Glenn’s anger and paranoia would dissipate if he would try eating healthy food. Positive input equal positive outputs.

  • Frog7

    I have no idea who this man is (as an Aussie) but think that someone spreading negativity about veganism on television is just what we dont need! Its not like we are even extreme any more (check out raw foodists, colourists etc). I dont dabble in ‘extreme eating’ but it sounds to me like this man just wants the ‘i’m special’ factor of veganism but is too precious to go raw (and REALLY have something to complain about!). Whats the point Glen? It sounds like your doing this because your doctor said so. It will probably go the same way as many ‘prescribed’ diets, down the toilet (not trying to be funny there!). Just get over yourself and stop denegrating people because they choose to try to eat well. If your finding it hard, use some of your enormous pay packet to pay someone to cook it well for you you numpty!

    • herwin

      ” It sounds like your doing this because your doctor said so”

      actually, listening to your doctor is a good reason to start a veggie diet… ;-)

  • Ashley

    He did not go vegan, he just eats raw vegan most of the time. Just last week he talked about how he “cheated” and ate a steak. So let’s not get too excited here, folks ;)

    • herwin

      yah, if he really sticks to the vegan diet, nothing but respect because at least he made ONE good decision in his life, and it might inpire some other right wing nutters.

      10$ say he will get bored with the diet, cheat and cheat more, return to his old meat diet and start cracking vegan jokes.

  • mep

    The ONLY downside of him going vegan is that now he will live longer. Darn.

    • Karina

      I wish I could thumbs-up this comment.

    • L. Pic.


    • Anna

      The hypocrisy here is mind boggling. There is talk of open-mindedness and educating oneself. And immediately following, hateful rhetoric on how horrible a man Glenn Beck is. And even worse, you are wishing an early death to another absolutely not horrible but genuinely decent and loving human being. Very nice. And typical. Perhaps a little open-mindedness and education might serve most of YOU well.

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        weve tried open mindedness. he hates you for trying to understand him without agreeing with everything he does and follow him

  • Debra

    As a crazy right wing vegan that watches his show faithfully and listens to his radio show on occasion, I’ve come to realise why he complains. He is on (from what I can tell) a mostly raw vegan diet. If he has his way he would he bacon and ice cream. I pray this diet turns his health around and he sees that way of the vegan diet and perhaps way of life.

    Horrible man? Really? That is just not a fair claim. There is some I do not agree with (that he says). But he is anything but horrible.

    Watch his show for a week straight, and research what he talks about, you’ll find he is not horrible.

    • herwin

      Hi Linda, great to read your comment because hopefully more people (read vegans) will realise and accept that veganism isn’t about being leftish or being a crazy right winger ;-) but simply about ditching the meat and more compassion for animals.

      You know, i have talked to several people who started being vegan because of health reasons, in turn being freed from the meat addiction, they slowly started to think about other aspects of veganism.
      So as for me, Glenn Beck going vegan for health reasons ? Nothing wrong with that ! It’s a good start.

      Raw Diet, eh, i can imagine mr Beck doesn’t get a kick out of that. There is however tasty vegan icecream and also very good vegan bacon.

      Well, if you read this, Glenny, all the best to you on your vegan journey. :-P

    • don miguelo

      I think if Glenn Beck can dish it out inflammatory style on national TV he can take tiny hit on an internet post! “Horrible” is subjective, but so are all of these names he has called others with no apologies over many years:

      I am sooooooo jealous of Frog7 who has no idea who he is!

      Isn’t he mortified to be eating like Bill Clinton?

  • Maynard S. Clark

    It can’t be for the ‘vegan community’ because (judging from what is typed above) that’s pretty vitriolic.

    That’s like a fundamentalist church not accepting a new convert from a bad life: the culture confronts someone at the portal of entry and thinks it’s a pathogen seeking to infect and degrade the system.

    • L. Pic.

      I think this has more to do with a general distaste for Beck and his repulsive rhetoric as well as his bemoaning of his new found “veganism” than simply hating on someone who isn’t doing vegan right.