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Padma Lakshmi grew up eating a vegetarian diet, and now it looks like her baby daughter will as well.

The former model has decided to put herself and her baby back on a vegetarian plan, an important move since she had started to adopt some of our more unsavory customs.

“I grew up a vegetarian,” the Top Chef host said. “Then, because I grew up in the states, I started slowly eating meat. First it was bologna sandwiches, or pepperoni on pizza. As a teenager, [my friends and I] would always go have burgers. I would scarf them down!”

In an interview with People Magazine, Lakshmi revealed that both she and her daughter, Krishna Thea, are eating a lacto-vegetarian Indian diet.

“She’s still breastfeeding, that’s where the lacto part comes in,” Lakshmi explained. “She can’t eat the spicy food that I love since it would be too hard on her system but other than that she’ll eat the foods that I make for her.”

Previously we’ve given Lakshmi flack for promoting fast food burgers and filming commercials for the chain restaurant Hardee’s, but we applaud this latest move to stick to a vegetarian diet. Keep up the good work!

Via Vegetarian Star

  • Zia McNeal

    How can she be a vegetarian if she eats the food prepared on Top Chef?

    • Asha

      That is an excellent question. We’ll have to get some crappy new host I guess.

  • Sonia

    Good for her for going back to what she grew up with. I think for the Indian culture it’s easy for them, when they come to the states, to give up on their previous diet because fast food/meat/unhealthy food is everywhere. It’s not their fault. People get tempted.

    Same goes for other cultures who don’t have an abundance of McDonalds and Burger Kings everywhere.

  • mister jingles

    in going back to her original vegetarian diet she does the right thing!