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If you’ve been wondering why your microwave has been looking at you funny, it’s because today is the day the machines take over.

Yes, today is Judgment Day, at least according to the classic James Cameron film “Terminator 2.” In the movie, the day that Skynet becomes sentient and begins its takeover is specified as April 19th, 2011 at 8:11pm (probably Pacific time). So if that package of Oreos has been tempting you, just go ahead…the machines will be in charge in a couple of days anyway.

James Cameron spoke to TMZ about the day, and why we’re still alive: “Kyle Reese said in the first film that this is only ‘one possible future,'” said Cameron. “Clearly not the one we’re in.”

Staying true to his eco-warrior form, Cameron took the opportunity to make a larger statement. “Now instead of nuclear war and the machines taking over, we need to worry about global climate change…and the machines taking over.” That’s why we love the guy.

Cameron has always been outspoken about the environment, and he works to keep his productions as green as possible. Recently, he made a statement to the youth of America about their responsibilities in inheriting the world. He also visited the rainforest with his “Terminator” buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger in order to speak out against the Belo Monte dam.

Cameron made one last note about the machines: “With everybody going through their lives bent over their Blackberries all day long, you could even argue that the machines have already won.”

Sorry James, what was that? I was texting.