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Ryan Reynolds is self-centered, unattractive, and has a weak chin… ON OPPOSITE DAY.

In fact, the man of our dreams just got a bit dreamier, because he’s helping to raise $10k as part of a Parkinson’s Awareness Month campaign.

The Green Lantern actor sits on the Board of Directors of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and is passionate about the cause in large part because it’s a disease his father struggled with for the last 15 years of his life.

As such he has designed an easy way for people to lend their support to a great charity, all you have to do is “Like” the Foundation’s Facebook page, and once they reach 100,000 fans, Reynolds has pledged to donate $10k to the foundation. How easy is that?

“We couldn’t be more grateful to Ryan for his creativity and generosity in helping us spread the word about our work to speed a cure for PD,” said Michael J. Fox. “Ryan’s in — are you?”

Part of the benefit of giving a “Like” to the foundations page includes the option for visitors to upload their personal stories of fighting the disease through photos, video, or simply writing their own story.

Right now the Facebook page has roughly 30,000 “Likes,” but we know by spreading the word that number will continue to go up, so make sure to help us do that!

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  • Christine

    What is with Ecorazzi shilling for these animal torture “charities”???

    Just last month you solicited donations to animal torture by the American Cancer Society (3.22.11: “Paul Rudd’s Birthday Wish Is For You To Help Him Cure Cancer”) as well as by Cancer Research UK (3.24.11: “Branson, Keating to Conquer the Irish Sea in Support of Cancer Research”)

    And now you’re shilling for the Michael J. Fox Parkinson Foundation, which also tortures live animals in its so-called search for the cure. There is no excuse for this cruelty and there are plenty of research foundations and charities that don’t engage in these horrors. See, Why not promote them instead??

    Ecorazzi’s constant promotion of research foundations that experiment on live animals is simply unconscionable and hardly related to “green gossip” that this blog is supposedly centered around. Seems that Ecorazzi has some vivisection sycophants on the blog roll. I’m disgusted.

    • herwin

      yes, that’s a bit odd to support and be so cheerful about organisations that are conducting cruel animal research.

  • Stacy

    “Ryan Reynolds is self-centered, unattractive, and has a weak chin… ON OPPOSITE DAY.”
    Oh no, he is all that all the time…