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This past Tuesday (April 19th) marked the day in “Terminator 2″ when Skynet goes online and becomes sentient, leading to the downfall of mankind. Today marks the big “Judgment Day,” when the machines finally attack and the world becomes a nuclear wasteland.

Most of us can rest assured that the machines won’t be taking over today (those on the West Coast still have some hours left though). “Terminator” star Arnold Schwarzenegger, though, has a different enemy for us to fight: greenhouse gases.

Ahnold wrote an op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal today warning of the dangers of limiting the Environmental Protection Agency. The recent budget proposals from the GOP-led House have attempted to limit the EPA’s ability to regulate emissions, a move which has questionable monetary impact, if any at all.

In the article, Schwarzenegger praises the Clean Air Act, and talks about the difference he sees in air quality nowadays as opposed to when he first came to California. He also minces no words in targeting those who oppose the EPA.

“Since January, there have been more than a dozen proposals in Congress to limit enforcement of our clean-air rules, create special-interest loopholes, and attempt to reverse scientific findings,” writes Schwarzenegger. “If these proposals are passed, more mercury, dioxins, carbon pollution and acid gases will end up in the air our kids breathe. More Americans will get sick, end up in the hospital, and die from respiratory illness.”

Despite his conservative alignment, Schwarzenegger has always supported environmental regulations and attempted to provide cleaner air. California leads the country in terms of smog regulations, as any California drivers can tell you. So with his “Terminator” director James Cameron, the two make quite an eco-team.

So if the GOP continues to try to abolish the EPA, can Ahnold bust in there in his Terminator garb and start cracking skulls, punctuating each hit with a bad pun?

  • ramon leih

    I always look to men like Schwarzenegger for guidance about scientific matters. His head is so empty that everything that comes out of his mouth is easily understood. I also look to those other Hollywood
    thespians – they too know all about planetary science. Their good buddy Al Gore (another eminent scientific mind)told them all about it. Of course, Tom Hanks thinks the US started WWII, but hey, that was a complicated war, after all. You know, all those “isms,” and so forth.