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Fast food is never ideal when it comes to where to get some grub, but unfortunately sometimes you only have five minutes, Chipotle is right there, and you love burritos so…

Enter Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle who is trying to make the chain as sustainable as possible. He has started sourcing local ingredients and is making strides to use organic in the restaurants.

As a meat eater, Ells has taken note of the destruction caused by large scale farms, not only on the environment but on the animals. So, not only has he began getting his pork from farmers who don’t use hormones or antibiotics, but he’s also pledging to decrease the amount of meat he consumes.

“As I visited various pork producers across the country, I witnessed how family farms have been displaced by industrialized meat production operations, in which animals endure terrible brutality and suffering,” Ells stated.

He then added, “Today, I am a meat reducer. This means I eat less meat and make sure that the limited meat I do eat is of the highest quality. My plate is comprised of seasonal and local vegetables with meat as an accompaniment. While this is a healthier diet, the main reason I now eat this way is because it tastes better and I feel better.”

We’re happy to see that organic options and local farmers are benefiting from Ells choices. The chain also used to offer a vegan meat substitute, but that has been pulled from most menus due to poor sales.

Say, Ells, any chance you might be willing to bring that vegan option back and invest in some stronger campaign tactics to promote it? That would make us very happy (and loyal!) customers.

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  • kate

    He acts like he gives us vegetarians more options other than lettuce.

  • Adri

    I love the black bean and fajita veggie burrito with rice and salsa; what’s it missing? I don’t know what I would do without Chipotle, and I think it’s great that they are helping to fight factory farming.

  • Glenn

    Black beans are fine but they use animal fats in the other beans. WTF?? So not necessary.