You may recognize teen queen Selena Gomez from her role on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place, or perhaps you’re like me and better know her as the chick who’s dating Justin Bieber.

Either way, this girl has got some serious green power. She has adopted five rescue dogs and is the youngest UNICEF ambassador ever.

As part of that eco-gig, Gomez recorded a home video to promote UNICEF’s Celebrity Tap Project. The campaign serves as a PSA to raise awareness and reduce the number of children dying daily from waterborne illnesses (aka the second-highest cause of preventable childhood deaths in the world).

“As you know, I’m part of this year’s Celebrity Tap Project for UNICEF,” the 18-year-old states on the video. “Myself and many others are collecting our tap water and putting it in these fancy bottles for you guys to win. So I wanna make a quick video to show you guys that we are filling up these bottles with my tap water – this is my home – and I want to thank you guys so much for helping kids all over the world.”

Gomez is in good company, as other A-list stars like Adrian Grenier, Dwight Howard, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Robin Williams, are also part of the campaign.

The celebs will bottle tap water from their own home to benefit the UNICEF Tap Project. And each time you donate a minimum of $5 you are entered to win a limited-edition water bottle from one of the celeb advocates (including Gomez!).

Donations for the limited-edition bottles can be made through April 30th here, and all of the money raised will go toward supporting UNICEF’s clean water programs.

Check out Selena’s Tap Project video below!