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What would you do if you found two orphaned bear cubs near your home? For a tea farmer in south China that hypothetical became a real decision.

Tian Shougui was out picking tea leaves when he heard the sound of crying and went to investigate.

“I heard their crying high up a hill, which made me very curious,” Tian told CCTV in a report. “I didn’t know what animals they were but still decided to bring them back to my home, just to save their lives.”

In fact, the animals are Asiatic black bear cubs, sometimes called ‘moon bears’ due to a crescent shaped marking on their chests. The twin cubs, a boy weighing 7.05 pounds, and a girl, which weighs 6.83 pounds, are likely about three months old.

It’s unclear as to exactly what has happened to their mother. The bears are protected by law, but often poached for their bile, which is used in Chinese medicine.

Tian has been feeding them a diet of milk, rice powder, and egg yolks. His initial plan was to raise them until they’d reached 33 pounds, then release them back into the wild. Luckily, an animal welfare organization has stepped in, and they intend to take over the care of the animals and release them back into the wild soon.

“When they wake up, they come to me and play with my bottom of trousers,” Tian said. “After they are fed, they play for a bit longer, then go to sleep.”

Want to add some adorable to your Monday? Check out video of the twin cubs below.

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  • mep

    Moon Bears endure extreme cruelty at bile farms. For more information on what is being done to help them, and how you can help too, go to:

  • boo radley

    Yes its absolutely disgusting what the Chinese allow bears to endure in those evil bile farms. sick and disgusting practices, and totally without any compassion or thought towards the bears. I support any action against these cruel despots.

    • herwin

      go to your nearest supermarket, it’s loaded with animal cruelty products made from the billions of animal victims who live in animal factories in America, so no need to talk about “the Chinese”..