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If you’ve been searching for the *perfect* gift to give to the Royal Couple, don’t bother— the Indian branch of PETA has got you beat.

The animal rights group sent traditional Indian wedding garbs (a silk sari and sherwani patterned jacket) to Prince William and Kate Middleton, and best of all is that it’s made from 100% artificial silk.

It’s a wise gift for the royal couple, who have already made strides toward making their wedding eco-friendly and green, and the group hopes that the gesture will raise aware of how cruel harvesting real silk can be.

“We hope Kate and William enjoy our cruelty-free gift as a symbol of compassion and love for each other and all creatures on their special day,” said Poorva Joshipura, Chief Functionary of PETA India.

To produce 100 grams of silk about 1,500 silkworms are killed, and India is the world’s biggest consumer and second-largest producer of the fabric after China, a PETA release explained.

In comparison, artificial silk involves no cruelty to animals and is made from polyester, rayon, and other man-made fibers.

  • Rebecca B

    Total hypocrisy!

    Kate and William are both big on hunting, so why is the PETA sending gifts to them?


  • whitney

    Uh Rebecca.. it’s called a PR stunt. Millions of people are gonna see those 2 get hitched and that means anything associated with their name will get some press. PR dream!

    • herwin

      Uh, Rebecca has a point, as if people who shoot mammals for entertainment would get all choked up when they realise that for silk some insects have to die..

      In this case i think the PR value is close to zero, i mean, come on, no media at all is reporting that “PETA GIVES FAKE SILK TO HAPPY COUPLE”. ;-) 10$ say that even the two lovebirds themselves are unaware of the present ! Heaps of people, including nutters and freakos send “gifts” to these royal weddings !! :-P

  • Farah

    Rebecca is completely right. This is hypocrisy. Any company that wants to give a gift to the royal couple for a cheap PR stunt even though there are pictures of them all over the internet hunting innocent animals, is hypocritical. I love PETA buy there’s no neer to kiss the royal ass. Seriously, if this was anyone else PETA would have had their hunting operation shut down years ago, but since it’s the royals, it’s ok to send them eco-friendly gifts? Like they or the media gives a crap about these saris! Pathetic PR stunt. Just sad. These people aren’t Gods, they are cruel animal abusers. In one of Kate’s hunting photos she is said to look like a “veteran stalker” meaning she is pretty good at killing animals for no reason. If PETA was doing its job, they would bring more attention to the disgusting things these people do for fun, instead of sending them gifts.

  • Farah

    Sorry, autotext on my phone makes my spelling seem heinous!