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EXCLUSIVE: Maria Menounos On Living Green, Organic Gardening, And Her New Book

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CBS recently ranked Maria Menounos as one of the top green celebs in 2011. And it’s no wonder, as the Today show and Access Hollywood correspondent has made a concerted effort to go eco, and even wrote about it in her new book The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life.

We snagged an exclusive interview with the Greek-American actress, where we got the inside scoop on her new book, and easy tips on how to switch to a greener lifestyle. Check it out below.

Ecorazzi: Tell us about your book and why readers should go out and
grab a copy.

Maria Menounos: It’s an A-Z guide for every girl on how to manage to do it all in ways that are better, faster and cheaper, particularly when time and money are in short supply.

Whether it’s creating the perfect smoky eye for a night out, learning secrets on how to be your own A-list stylist, decorating on a dime, exercising and losing weight the smart and simple way, ascending the career ladder to gain the success every girl is entitled to… the book showcases every subject and all I’ve been been able to learn
along the way…

In the book I really try to teach the EveryGirl, on the “every salary,” how to groom herself like the stars, how to live a healthier and happier life and how to set herself up to be truly successful.

Ecorazzi: Did you intend to have green living aspects in the book?

Maria: Of course! The book is a genuine representation of my life and how I have lived it and how I live it today. Being more green is something I adapted two years ago when I did a show for Planet Green. However, I couldn’t leave being green out of the book because a greener lifestyle in the end is a healthier, more practical and more cost effective way of life which is so organic to the core values of
the book.

Ecorazzi: Can you describe your environmentalist origins?

Maria: I became conscious of it when I began shooting “Hollywood Green with Maria Menounos” for Planet Green.

However, my parents were green in their own way. We always had a garden growing up and had fresh veggies each spring and summer to eat as a result. They rarely threw things away and were not wasteful in the least. Today, I’m back to gardening and they have the biggest one they’ve ever had. It’s a life changer for your diet, so convenient, fun and you don’t need a lot of space to have one. You can grow veggies in your window or on a balcony today.

Ecorazzi: Has anyone been a major influence in your life in inspiring you to go green?

Maria: Guys like Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrien Grenier really got our generation in Hollywood
thinking more about the greener life. From a practical standpoint, when I saw how much money I could save being green I was sold even harder.

Ecorazzi: You have your own organic garden, do you eat what you grow?

Maria: I eat everything I grow. What I don’t eat I give to friends. In LA you can grow year round which is amazing!

Ecorazzi: What made you want to start your own organic garden?

Maria: I did a story on a company called gro organic. They build gardens for a reasonable price and even maintain and harvest them for you. I gave them a shot and two years later I’m so happy I did. Yogi Cameron, author of The Guru in You preaches that we should eat whatever comes out of the ground to have good health. When you eat what you grow you take it a step further as you know your fare is free of pesticides and other chemicals.

Ecorazzi: If you could give one piece of advice to readers about how they can go green, what would it be?

Maria: The biggest advice is the same advice I give to most lifestyle alterations – take baby steps! Start by doing little things and gradually increase. No one is judging you and if they are don’t let them. It’s a process but little by little you’ll enjoy the results and you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part, too.

Here are some quick tips- wash in cold water only, air dry clothes, have a recycle bin or container next to your trash receptacle, install water filters and stop buying cases of plastic bottled water and stay open to new green concepts and ideas.

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