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Mark Ruffalo may be well-known for his environmental activism, but the “Kids Are All Right” actor has lately also become passionate about helping the homeless.

The 43-year-old pulled off double-duty for his latest film “Sympathy for Delicious”, making his directorial debut in addition to playing a priest who helps the homeless. According to ContactMusic, Ruffalo spent a lot of time on the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles as research for the part and admits he found the experience helping others rewarding.

He tells WENN, “We spent a lot of time feeding the homeless. I had a priest who was my consultant, Father James Dugan, who was a Jesuit homeless activist who had a homeless shelter in Hollywood.

“We spent a lot of time on Skid Row feeding the homeless as well. There’s a lot of grace in just a simple act of giving people the barest of necessities, food, water and shelter. It’s very moving and quite beautiful and very poetic; they’re essentially pretty sweet people who happen to be down on their luck. It’s a huge population in Los Angeles and it becomes apparent that it’s not hard to get there these days (to become homeless). I’m still involved when I can be with The Love Affiliation in New York.”

Ruffalo can next be seen in the action flick “The Avengers”, playing The Hulk – a role he took over from Edward Norton.

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