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Taking time off from his F.A.M.E. tour while in Australia, Chris Brown went bowling with ten kids from the organization Best Buddies Australia.

The organization works to create “opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

The head of the organization, Mark Trevaskis, said, “He has been involved with the charity in the U.S. and we were thrilled that he has taken some time out of his schedule to come and be with us and play a couple of games of tenpin.”

Of course, it’s hard to mention Chris Brown without discussing his past (even at the risk of him ripping off his shirt and breaking another window like he did at the Today Show in March). And no one is forgetting about those awful pictures of Rihanna that were released after his domestic abuse incident.

We’re glad he’s taking the time to work with organizations that obviously do good work. And we hope that he finally has his anger issues under control.

Via Look to the Stars

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  • laura

    Ignorant, forget or not forget its yr probleme..cos Chris made a mistake as a human being..look yourself into a mirror & claim that you’re perfect..more importantly Chris accepted his mistake & paid his duties..+ CHRIS LOVED BY HIS FANS & THATS ONLY MATTER …NOT AN INGORANT LIKE YOU WHO TRY HARD TO JUDGE PPL BEHIND THEIR COMPUTER

  • King Makers

    Good afternoon attention seeker (genuine hater), thanks for tinting his good acts & gracious works with his past errors, I can see you are diligently here again to recruit some more haters to join your hypocritical & racist campaign. You guys will keep losing as you can already see.

    No one forced you to report on him let alone remind people of anything. Question is, whats your personal pleasure derived from inflicting this innocent young man with his past mistakes? Is that how your mistakes hunt you as well?

    Fueling people’s hypocrisy will not stop this boy if thats your intention, as you can see on both sides of the atlantic. Please don’t forget what he did and write it on your tomb stone as well, truth is, relationship will continue to break down as long as one sex is esteemed over the other.

    Every one knew he didn’t mean to allow his emotions get the best of him that night nor did he intend to make headlines again after the GMA interview. Things go wrong in life—> we pick ourselves up and keep it moving, & learn from our errors to make us a better person.

    Mistakes are there to teach us, make us better, make us learn and achieve higher, bigger & better things not to staple us in our past like you haters keep trying to do to him. We gain wisdom from our experiences, and the more experiences you learn from, the wiser you are.

    Haters, give it up, you’ve lost & if you don’t believe me, then I will see you on your next invasion of Chris’s personal life….cheers

  • Michael Raymer

    “Of course, it’s hard to mention Chris Brown without discussing his past…”

    No, it’s not hard at all. Just quit freakin’ bringing it up in articles…like this one. Like Michael Vick, the dude screwed up big time and paid the price. Let the guy move on by moving on yourself. He’s trying to help out kids. Nothing more needs to be said. And don’t act like you’re not just trying to stir up some crap in an effort to generate a post count on one of your submissions.

    Really, between the inmates and the asylum itself, maybe the name of this site should be changed to holierthanthou(dot)com.

  • Donna

    I can only guess that the people who have left comments here have some type of google alert set for “Chris Brown” so that they can leap to his defense if they think that he has been maligned. Personally, I read this as a positive post about Chris Brown. If the author had not made any mention of his past, she would have been accused of glossing over it.

    • herwin

      i don’t know the guy but by reading the Razzi article i get a pretty positive vibe about him, especially about mentioning his “past” only makes him more humane.
      One thing i hate is glorifying a person and shuffling misstakes under the carpet, i am so glad Ecorazzi doesn’t do that and it only makes Chris Brown (at least in my eyes) a more respected guy, because he learned from past mistakes and now takes the time to spend some time with disabled kids.
      so @ Laura, King makers, don’t worry too much, to persons like me who don’t know the guy, who are like a blank page so to speak, thanks to this article i get a positive and humane image of Chris Brown.

      • herwin

        i forgot to mention don’t try to make a too perfect image of anybody.
        Take a look at Justin Bieber, just to think about how perfect that guy is, that he even chooses to do some goody kind of thing instead dating his girlfriend just makes me want to puke.
        Anytime give me a Chris Brown, a Mike Tyson, and hell, even a Vick who is going on strong about being anti dog fights for a long time now, than a too-perfect Justin .