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'Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev: Vegetarian Fail or Good Example?

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We know how committed “Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder is to the environment and animal rights: he has fought to save the rainforest and spoken out about sled dog cruelty.

Somerhalder’s co-star Nina Dobrev gave it a good try as well, as the starlet (who plays both Elena and Katherine on the show) went vegetarian for a few months.

Sadly, those few months were as long as Dobrev’s vegetarian effort would go. She recently told Seventeen Fitness that she has given up the vegetarian diet after having problems with energy levels…and being too skinny.

“I tried being a vegetarian for four months,” Dobrev said in the interview, “and after a while, I started feeling weak, like I needed more protein, more energy. Then I read a review an episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ online, and in it the writer mentioned that I was looking too thin. I was like, ‘Okay, maybe they’re right.’ It made me think: I need a burger — a beef burger, not a soy burger.”

I’ll say this in support of Dobrev: it’s great that she recognized that she was underweight and needed more nutrition. That doesn’t happen too often in Hollywood, and it’s important that someone speaking for a magazine like Seventeen Fitness is spreading a message to young girls that being too thin can be unhealthy.

However, we hear people who quit the vegetarian diet say things like “I needed more protein, more energy” a lot, and chances are good that it’s because they were doing it wrong. There are plenty of good sources of vegetarian protein (especially if you’re only veggie and not vegan) that many new vegetarians avoid because they’re not used to eating them. Some new veggies only think of soy, and might not know that you can get 12-15 grams of protein just from a cup of beans.

Dobrev doesn’t have anything against vegetarianism, of course: “I have so much respect for vegetarians and I’m so glad I tried it,” she said. We’re glad too, Nina…but don’t give up yet! Being vegetarian is a challenge, but you can do it and still be healthy and full of energy (even more so than on a meat-filled diet)!

I’ll say this: if Nina goes back to being a vegetarian, then I (a 26-year-old male) will sit down every week and watch “The Vampire Diaries” without fail. Challenge issued, Dobrev!

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  • DelenaLover#1

    i am 12 and i have been vegetarian for 3 month now i think its going well for me and everything but i am the only one i the family and in my friend group :/ is i like that with you to? all of my friends think its weird and are like”how can you not eat meat” i always tell my family that if i am a vegeterian i am saving MNAY animals over the year and i am hoping someone joins me but wow 5 years i look up to you !<3 i am gonna keep going for the rest of my life sometimes my mom is cranky :S ans says stuff like "why cant you just eat normal food" the i get mad and yell at her i am eating normal you are the one who is killing animals !

  • Faith

    I would have had more respect for her if she had just said that she wanted meat or something instead of making excuses like she was too skinny or wasn’t getting enough protein. If she really wanted to be a vegetarian, but felt like she wasn’t getting enough nutrients or protein, she could have just taken vitamin supplements, ate nuts, eggs, etc. It’s not as hard as she’s trying to make it out to be.

  • Ehkelley

    Ya know what, she gave it a good try and vegetarianism just didn’t suit her. That’s OK and frankly it really isn’t any of our business what she eats or doesn’t eat. And I take issue with the fact that this author, with no medical training, is doling out nutritional advice to people. She didn’t say that she only tried soy, she used it as an example of what wasn’t working for her. Stop being so judgemental.

  • Non-vegan-honey

    You’re only half right. The shoe might please you today, but in a few weeks you could suddenly not like it anymore. For good or for stupid reasons.

    Same for a diet of your choice. Today you think soy gives you all what you need, tomorrow you’re discovering an allergy. Today you think that cheap is best, tomorrow you think about antibiotics in cheap meat. Today you think about cruelty in corrupted slaughterhouses, tomorrow you might learn about extensive animal keeping.

    Feeling with animals is not the end of the line. Yes, animals are dying for our food. But for me there’s a huge difference between peaceful living and dying and cruel treatment and dying in fear and pain.

  • Ritta

    There is much more protein in chuck peas than in the meat. Stupid reason to give up vegetarian diet !

  • Maxxie

    For fucks sake, that’s the worst excuse ever…
    I tell you what, i’m a fatty 220pouds guy which ha been vegetarian for like
    7 years. She just wanted to eat meat cuz she liked it… I don’t agree but, at least if she was honest enough to admit that….
    What makes me angry about it is that people get vegetarian the wrong way because of persons like her. It’s lie, or at least psychological. Nobody get’s skinny for stop to eating meat. Protein is a even worst legend, and nobody get’s skinny for having few protein.

  • Dan

    The problem isn’t people eating meat the problem is the mass production and over consumption of it. We’re omnivores and we EAT MEAT in our natural state. We’ve been eating meat even before fire was invented and we NEEDED it. If we only ate vegetables and nuts and berries and etc back then we’d basically die because there wasn’t much research on it. The thing is humans would never be vegetarian or vegans if there wasn’t this thing that is the mass production and over consumption of meat.

    I tried vegetarianism for 4 months too but I hadn’t done enough research on it so that’s why I failed (lack of iron, not lack of conviction). I’m willing to try it again obviously but vegans/vegetarians need to stop putting down people that eat meat. You don’t know how regurlaly they eat meat and you don’t know where they get it from. When you say meat-eaters are disgusting you aren’t being any better than them. Vegetarianism is not for everybody and cut the crap on “it’s just having enough force of will” or it’s healthy and bla bla for everyone because just like there is research on how vegetarianism is really healthy for you there’s research that says you need meat while you’re growing up. There’s people that DO NOT have that force of will and never will because that’s something psychological, and born with you, you just can’t force it down on people.

    Back then it was only recommended to eat an egg per day and sardines were bad for you. Now you can eat an egg everyday and sardines are awesome for your heart. How about that huh? The considered “healthy food” will constantly change to meet market’s objective.

    With my comment I’m responding to some other people in the other comments… Be a vegetarian… be an omnivore, be whatever you want, just don’t go putting down other people for what they choose or try shoving it down their throats. Each person does whatever makes them feel better, vegetarianism is NOT for everyone.

  • Dan

    Educate yourselves. Humans have been eating meat even before fire was invented. Stop trying to shove vegetarianism down people’s throats acting like eating meat is the most awful thing you can do. The issue is mass production and over consumption, not the fact of humans eating meat. We’re not herbivores and will never be. We naturally eat meat. We’re predatores. But it’s our mass production and consumption that is SICK and TWISTED. So don’t act like every meat-eater is disgusting.

  • Priya Bansal

    I am vegetarian my whole life since birth and I’m not skinny at all. Stupid Excuse

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