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We know how committed “Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder is to the environment and animal rights: he has fought to save the rainforest and spoken out about sled dog cruelty.

Somerhalder’s co-star Nina Dobrev gave it a good try as well, as the starlet (who plays both Elena and Katherine on the show) went vegetarian for a few months.

Sadly, those few months were as long as Dobrev’s vegetarian effort would go. She recently told Seventeen Fitness that she has given up the vegetarian diet after having problems with energy levels…and being too skinny.

“I tried being a vegetarian for four months,” Dobrev said in the interview, “and after a while, I started feeling weak, like I needed more protein, more energy. Then I read a review an episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ online, and in it the writer mentioned that I was looking too thin. I was like, ‘Okay, maybe they’re right.’ It made me think: I need a burger — a beef burger, not a soy burger.”

I’ll say this in support of Dobrev: it’s great that she recognized that she was underweight and needed more nutrition. That doesn’t happen too often in Hollywood, and it’s important that someone speaking for a magazine like Seventeen Fitness is spreading a message to young girls that being too thin can be unhealthy.

However, we hear people who quit the vegetarian diet say things like “I needed more protein, more energy” a lot, and chances are good that it’s because they were doing it wrong. There are plenty of good sources of vegetarian protein (especially if you’re only veggie and not vegan) that many new vegetarians avoid because they’re not used to eating them. Some new veggies only think of soy, and might not know that you can get 12-15 grams of protein just from a cup of beans.

Dobrev doesn’t have anything against vegetarianism, of course: “I have so much respect for vegetarians and I’m so glad I tried it,” she said. We’re glad too, Nina…but don’t give up yet! Being vegetarian is a challenge, but you can do it and still be healthy and full of energy (even more so than on a meat-filled diet)!

I’ll say this: if Nina goes back to being a vegetarian, then I (a 26-year-old male) will sit down every week and watch “The Vampire Diaries” without fail. Challenge issued, Dobrev!

  • Sonia

    Not that I ever had the problem of being “too skinny” but it took me about ten years to make the full transition. I’m 29 now, going on my fifth year of veganism(first year I was only vegetarian). It takes conviction, compassion and knowledge to make the commitment. I’ve had influence over a few cousins who have teetered back and forth but they’re young, between 11 and 15. I believe that they’ll eventually come to the realization that it’s a good decision, but i definitely don’t push them because I know how hard it was for me at that age. By experimenting, you’re proving that you’re open to the idea and it poses the possibility that one day you’ll embrace it 100%!

    • reneesh

      Im a pure Vegetarian since 2006 jan, now trying to reduce weight, as im overweight for 15 kg now. i cannot agree with the argument that daily vegetarian diet make u skinny. LOL

  • herwin

    milk for calcium and meat for protein, urf, i can’t imagine that in this age of internet people actually still repeat these slogans.

    Take bread, we learn at school it’s all carbohydrates, but that’s only part of bread, bread also has a fair amount of protein, like 10~15 %.

    Too skinny ? Do as the sumo wrestlers who want to gain massive amounts of weight, eat pasta’s like spaghetti ! It’s v-e-g-a-n !!!!

    lame lame lame. what she needs is
    1. a good dress that don’t pop out her breasts like that. (off topic..)
    2. get informed about nutrition, and look at photo’s from other vegans, some are actually fat fat fat !

    3. for anyone eating meat, i dare you, see the newest undercover video of life on the farm :

    after that you can continue eating meat but you can’t pretend ignorance anymore.

    Cheers !

  • Vegan Protein

    It takes a lot of work and planning to be a vegetarian. No one is perfect. I find its best to carry around high protein snacks with me. is a pretty cool site that I purchase from

  • robert m

    pure silliness – my father in law said the same thing, and I told him he was being silly since we don’t get energy (easily) from protein, we get it most easily from carbs. If you need energy, eat like a long-distance cyclist – have a huge plate of pasta!

    “i feel weak – i need protein – i looked skinny” my simplest argument is to go to and click on the ‘profiles’ tab – see any weak skinny protein deficient people? Now consider that all those bodybuilders require vastly more nutrients than this girl.

  • Catherine King

    Please watch a video of factory farming or what its like for animals in the slaughter house; all meat food goes through the same slaughter process.
    Now, educate yourself. Read the China Study.
    Last, consider the source of the writer who said you looked ‘skinny’

    Give life a chance…don’t kill animals for entertainment of your palate.

    • Michael Raymer

      OK, but then please watch a video of lions bringing down a Cape Buffalo, wolves bringing down a deer, hyenas killing a baby antelope, or the thousands of other examples of how animals die. I mean, it’s all about the unbiased spreading of information, right? Right?

      • herwin

        sir, you are obnoxious.
        lions or any other predator killing another animal, they don’t have a choiche, lions can’t eat soy beans or a salad now can they ? Also, they don’t keep their prey animal in animal factories and tortured them from birth to slaughtehouse, and most important, predators in nature kill in general the weaker animals and sick animals, and keeps populations healthy.

        Now take a look at people, we keep animals in the most cruel places, from birth to death, not a sunray of hapines for these animals. Our animal factory system also keeps animals systematically sick, and not healthy like predator animals do. Another point, we can live perfectly healthy without killing animal for food, don’t even dare to argue with that, there are millions of Indian vegetarians who would prove you wrong
        Last but certainly not least, we are human beings, we can make atomic bombs, we are eductaed, and we have a high responsibility, we can CHOOSE and we can CHOOSE for compassion and we can CHOOSE to avoid such blatant animal cruelty, we can choose for an ethical world, instead of the MIGHT IS RIGHT mental attitude from persons like yourself.

        Sir, you show your true colors more and more, your whole attitude of “defending” one species of animals (whales) while actively responding to other vegan comments with your pro meat eating and pro animal factorie attitude is…

        me, and i think most vegans, certainly have seen lions killing other animals in some documentary, AND we have seen the horrible undercover docs of animal abuse. Still, “we” think lions are okay, animal factories are not okay.
        Now tell me, did you see any undercover video of animal abuse at the farm in your life ?
        Got the integrity to look at the latest vid that currently rocks the nation ?
        or, ignoring this request,and posting some lame excuse ?

        from a psycological point of view this is fun, to see a fanatic whale defender (at least with words, not that he ever donated money to Sea Shepherd…) who get’s all choked up when one kind of animal is killed but also get’s darn defensive when other people dare to talk about his dinner steak, and we even didn’t start about your sportshunting activities !

        I am confused, killing whales who lived a liofe in nature, not okay, but to lock up animals (mamals like us, who have babies and nurture them) for life and kill them for food, the same reason why whales are killed, is very okay..

      • Michael Raymer

        I made the above reply knowing that my personal fan club would be unable to restrain herself. For those late to the party, herwin has a secret crush on me and she manifests it by constantly attracting my attention.

        herwin, haven’t you made it a point to call out other posters for “personal attacks and name-calling”? Yet you continually resort to these tactics when addressing me. And what part of my above post was “obnoxious”? I can’t point out certain facts of nature? I’m not allowed to take part in a discussion (with someone else) on a public board without you levelling the same insults that you whine about? Are your debating skills so lame that this is the best you can do?

        Man was created as an omnivore. Our forward facing eyes and our tooth structure and construction are biological facts that point to this natural imperative.

        As far as the videos of factory farms and films like Food INC, I have seen them and I think they are deplorable. I support a wholesale change in the meat industry and how animals are processed. But, I don’t see anyone actually advocating change. They just jump up and down and scream (much like you, little girl) that it needs to be eliminated. Dream on. It is quite simply not going to happen. But if change is advocated, by reasonable people in reasonable ways, then the scourge of factory farm just might be evolved into something more tolerable. But there will always be an element of cruelty. Nature is cruel, the world is cruel, life is cruel. And 6 Billion people need to be fed.

        Again, for the casual observer, this isn’t about animals. herwin just needs to come after me like this because she doesn’t have a picture of me on her wall that she can kiss every time she walks by. But I will say what I have said directly to her on a number of occasions: If you are wondering why more people aren’t becoming vegan, she is one of the big reasons. It is a natural tendency to examine the behavior of an advocate while examining her views. And who would want to become an hysterical, ranting maniac like her? As the late, great Bill Hicks said, “My biggest fear is that I might become like you.” This certainly applies to holier-than-thou hate-mongers like herwin.

      • georgina

        Michael, while humans could eat what is availble at the grocery store, what we can grow, or what our cultures tell us is the right thing to eat, we are far from being omnivores and your example of the lion and the hyena proves it.

        Humans are totally incapable of killing with their own hands, tearing into pieces, or consuming raw prey with what we have: hands, teeth, eyes to see the prey or ears to hear them. Natural omnis such as lions and hyenas do all that. Humans are more like opportunistic omnivores while eating what is for the taking but also discriminating because not every person’s digestive system can process everything out there.

        That is just an excuse meat eaters have been using for too long to explain why we must eat meat.

        If we were omnivores 100% of people on Earth would be able to process milk products, but we all know that only those who have developed the lactase mutation can while the rest are shunned as “lactose intolerant.”

        Going on open water adventures doesn’t make us fish, digging a hole with our hands to plant a flower doesn’t mane us earth worms, and choosing to eat fish today, steak on Thursday, chicken on Sunday with carrots, leeks, and green beans thrown in between does not make us omnis. It is a matter of choice to pay someone to have an animal killed to be served at night as food.

      • Michael Raymer

        ” Natural omnis such as lions and hyenas do all that.”

        Lions and hyenas are carnivores, not omnivores.

        “Humans are totally incapable of killing with their own hands, tearing into pieces, or consuming raw prey with what we have:”

        Excuse me? georgina, unlike herwin, I have a lot of respect for you. But could you please think about what you are going to say before you say it? Humans are perfectly capable of all of the above and have been doing so since the dawn of time.

        “Humans are more like opportunistic omnivores while eating what is for the taking but also discriminating because not every person’s digestive system can process everything out there.”

        I copied this because that is the one statement you got entirely correct. And….it was the point I was making above.

        “If we were omnivores 100% of people on Earth would be able to process milk products, but we all know that only those who have developed the lactase mutation can while the rest are shunned as “lactose intolerant.””

        Every species has it’s limits. One of the reasons (well, THE reason) that the human race has become so pervasive is we keep overcoming those limits. Once upon a time, malnutrition, disease, congenital defects all served to keep our numbers in check. Other species have other “weaknesses” that keep their numbers in check.

        “It is a matter of choice to pay someone to have an animal killed to be served at night as food.”

        Again, we are in full agreement. One of the reasons I decided to make my original post on this thread is that I get weary of others either trying to take that choice away, or making it an issue of good/evil when people make choices that others don’t agree with. And I would also point out that it is only very recently that any percentage of the population has had these choices. To suggest that the human race would have made it to this day without animal protein is nonsense. One very quick example is the story of the original American Thanksgiving. Do you want to try and tell me that the Pilgrims would have survived without the use of animal products? The same with Native Americans? Did they have a choice?

        I will also come clean and tell you that another reason for me posting here (on a topic that I honestly couldn’t care less about) was to draw out herwin and give her something else to come unglued about (and immediately succeeded, as we see). As long as she keeps taking potshots at me, I might as well get a few shots in of my own. I’ve let her know that this nonsense can stop as soon as she sees fit, but she keeps right on swinging. And this illustrates a point I keep making. Police your own ranks. People like herwin harm the vegan cause, where I pose no threat whatsoever. Her combativeness and hostility is what turns peole off to even considering YOUR points of view. How do you feel about that?

      • herwin

        @ Michael.

        forward pointing eyes are not a trademark of carnivores. Forward pointed eyes merely gives the owner a good forwarded look and a good ability to judge distances.
        As former tree dwellers, we, and all other monkeys are the same in this aspect, for the simple fact that in trees you need to be able to judge distances good.
        Even sloths, leaf eaters with a maximum speed of 0.5 miles / hour, has eyes facing forward, because they are tree dwellers.

        Our teeth indeed show we are omnivores, as you say. In short, we eat anything that can’t run away from us, like bananas, lettuce, big insects, eggs, maybe a wounded small animal, etc.
        Our teeth show us we are NOT carnivours, which is a completely diferent lifestyle and diet.
        Our teeth show us we are oportunists and scavengers, not hunters who eat and kill big animals.
        Our eyes also show us we prefer to eat fruit, because we can see colors very well, which is very handy when you have to choose ripe fruit.

        You like to live your life by biological facts ? Well, look at your hands, they are developed for tree climbing, so maybe you should live in a tree.

      • Michael Raymer

        Predators have forward facing eyes to focus on prey. Predators and meat-eaters have canine teeth, sharp teeth and thin tooth enamel. Herbivors have much stronger tooth enamel and blunt teeth designed to withstand the crushing of plant fiber. All this is straight scientific fact.

        No one wants to explain, let alone refute, my ealier comment: How would the human race survive to this day, in any numbers let alone 6 billion of us, without an animal protein diet? How would remote regions have been explored, then settled without it? How would the oceans have been traversed?

        Veganism is a recently available choice, and it has consequences of its own. I am on the side of those who make it. But I would like to see those consequences addressed, or at least acknowledged, for your good as well as mine. If nothing else, help your own cause by treating those who disagree with you, or who don’t share your convictions, with respect. If you don’t, it will be your own cause that will suffer for it.

        @herwin – your last post, for the most part, was free of hostility and name-calling. Keep the peace with me, and I will do the same.

      • herwin

        forward pointed eyes give a much better perspective and a more accurate judgement of distances is possible, something very convenient for predators as well as tree dwellers, misjudging the distance to the next branch means falling down.

        Sloths who completely live on a leaf diet, have forward pointed eyes, as well as squirrel monkeys, so forwared eyes isn’t close to being a sign or proof of carnivorism.

        “Enamel on teeth”, oh, you keep swinging from one self proclaimed piece of biological evidence, to another, even if most of your biological evidence is shot to pieces.
        Nobody claims that people are herbivores in a biological sense. We aren’t, we are omnivores, that means we can eat not only leaves like herbivores, but also mushrooms, egg, honey, fruits, seeds, larvae, insects, and animals that can’t run too fast like baby animals, dead animal, and squirells in wheelchairs.

        Your argument that we are omnivores, i was thinking about it, and it is a solid argument. Let’s take a look at the Common Chimp, a close biological relative of humans.
        Their diet is mostly frugative (that means they eat fruits), supplemented with leaves and occasionally smaller animals like small monkey or squirrel. Sidenote, it takes several time consuming hunts and a whole group of chimps to catch one small monkey or squirrel and divide it with the gang. So we safely can conclude that the meat part of their diet is like a dessert, not a main course.
        So if you want to refer to chimps diet, go ahead, next time when you are in the supermarket buy a similar diet ; 9 kg fruits, half a kilo leaf veggies, and half a kilo other things like honey, an egg, and one hotdog, or one slice of meat.

        Last but certainly not least. We are omnivores and we eat animals, it’s nature ! Aren’t these the same arguments pro whalers use ? (That’s a rethorical question, it doesn’t need an answer)
        What makes you and your arguments diferent from pro whalers ? (that’s not a rethorical question, but i am sure you will duck it..) And you accuse me of scaring away possible new vegans, but the same can be said from you, by being very personal to pro whaling trolls to the point of your posts being removed, you certainly won’t change any pro whaler.

      • herwin

        ” I get weary of others either trying to take that choice away”

        the more i read your comment, the more absurd your arguments seem.

        If you are all that “pro choiche” about meat eating, how come you are so fanatic about telling other cultures they can’t hunt and eat whale meat ?

        deep down you know this isn’t about pro or anti meat, but about the animal factories which provides you with meat. 10$ say that you don’t even eat so called natural meat because it’s too expensive, not available, bla bla. excuses covered up with some wishy washy “pro choiche” argument.

        see you initial comment in which you agitate to a simple comment from Catherina in which she simply suggests to see vids from slaughterhouses. Ouch, we don’t like, eh.

      • Michael Raymer

        I don’t try to change any pro-whalers minds because I am under no illusions that I would succeed. My comments on the Sea Shepherd threads of the last couple of years are to add perspective for the people who read the commentary here without posting, many of whom are undecided. I saw an atmosphere where too much was taken out of context and where convenient wise-cracks regarding Watson, SSCS tactics and seamanship under extreme conditions were not being adequately addressed. For better or worse, I chose to add my perspective.

        Speaking of perspective, why do you always revert any thread you see me posting on to a whaling-SSCS topic? ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Nina Dobrev: Vegetarian Fail or Good Example? is the name of this thread. Is it too much to ask that we remain on topic? Again, your personal hatred for someone you don’t know and have never met completely subverts your ability to conduct objective debate on the relevant subject matter.

        “Man was created as an omnivore.” I posted that and you insist on arguing the point by agreeing with me. You keep supporting my repeated assertion that you would rather argue with me than read what I said.

        “If you are all that “pro choiche” about meat eating, how come you are so fanatic about telling other cultures they can’t hunt and eat whale meat ?”

        Actually, if you ever decide to calm down enough to actually read what I write, my arguments are based upon the illegal poaching of whales from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Also my remarks are concerning the unnecessary and painful killing of a sentient species and the tactics of killing whale calves to trigger the protective instinct of its parents, all for an animal product that no one needs and an extreme few even want. All under the lie that scientific research is/was being conducted. As the baseball manager said to the home plate umpire, “It’s a great game you’re missing.”

        (that’s not a rethorical question, but i am sure you will duck it..)

        That’s funny coming from someone who has run from more than a dozen questions I have asked you over the last few months, including right here on this thread.

        “see you initial comment in which you agitate to a simple comment from Catherina”

        Did I call Catherine obnoxious? Or a dumbass (like you called me on a recent thread, among other things)? Who is the agitator? Again, I am adding my personal perspective. Sorry that it keeps ruining your day. It is also my personal perspective that you should be thanking me. All this bile and hatred you have stored up needs to be released or it could cause you serious health problems. I seem to be giving you an ongoing chance to vent some of it before it reaches critical mass. You’re welcome.

      • herwin

        i do refer to your anti whaling comments because one of the absurd attitudes of too many people is to be fanatic about NOT eating SOME animal species, like cats, dogs, or some exotic animals living far away, and at the same time fanaticaly defending to eat meat, and not caring at all about the billions of animals living in animal factories.
        The arguments in favor of eating meat seems to boil down to “we have sharp teeth and our eyes are pointed forwards”, besides being incorrect, it’s just dumb. Why ? Because chimps, our closest relatives, also are known for killing other chimps from neighboring clans. Now we can say “chimps do it, so it’s okay for us to do ?”
        And yes, i still think it’s obnoxious to reply to a poster who suggests to see a vid of factory farming, to say that she also should see a nature doc, and to suggest that she is biased and that what happens in nature is the same as what happens in factory farms.
        FYI. many people who have seriously watched undercover videos and have been educated this way and gone veg, so it was just good advice from Catherine, because seeing these vids can give you taht extra moral strenght to go or keep veg.

      • Michael Raymer

        Again you just make stuff up as you go, don’t you. Other peoples beliefs are their own and it’s not for you to say what is absurd or not. And I have never shown myself to be fanatic about anything. Nor do I defend factory farming. If you want to speak of absurdity, look at your own insistence in putting words in the mouths of others and ascribing beliefs to them that they don’t actually have. If you want to speak of absurdity look to your stance of “cruelty-free”, all the while attaching so much hatred to what you write. It really is troubling.

        ““we have sharp teeth and our eyes are pointed forwards”, besides being incorrect, it’s just dumb”

        Because you say so? Quite the cogent argument you present? You’ll have to gain a much better track record for objective analysis before calling other people dumb. My points are what is taught in school. Sorry you disagree but you have yet to provide evidence to the contrary.

        “Because chimps, our closest relatives, also are known for killing other chimps from neighboring clans. Now we can say “chimps do it, so it’s okay for us to do ?””

        What rock have you been living under? Do you really see a lack of people killing other people around here? Again herwin, you really need to calm down before you post. This remark counts as gibberish at its very best.

      • herwin

        @ Michael, lets keep it short and factual.

        with forwarded pointed eyes one can better judge distances. Judging distances is important for catching prey, and also for catching branches when you are swinging in the treetops.
        In short, predators have forward pointed eyes, (what they teach at school) but you can’t turn that around “forward pointed eyed animals are predators”. “appels are fruit” but “fruit are apples” is incorrect.
        Evidence ?
        look at pictures from tree dwellers like sloths (pure herbivores with a 100% leaf diet) and the Bush Baby with his two enormous forward pointed eyes.

        cute bushbaby pic

        According to your rules these animals are fierce predators (because they have forward pointed eyes) which, obviously, they are not.

        keep it up, junior…

      • Michael Raymer

        This is a lot of fascination you have with sloths. I understand how you equate yourself to them. It’s also a ridiculously singular example. You fail (something you should be getting used to) to address the issue of canine teeth. Care to give a list of herbivores that are so equipped?

        All of this is pointless. You yourself have stated that man is an omnivore. So, what exactly are you arguing about? Well, we all know the answer. You’re not arguing a topic, you’re just arguing with me (something that I have gotten used to).

  • Hannah

    I was veggi for 4 years and lost a lot of weight because of it, it really does drain your body not having enough protein


      If you had been a veggie for that many years and you still found yourself drained of energy you clearly were not doing it right! It’s hard to become a vegetarian or vegan, especially if you are used to obtaining your nutrients from certain sources like meat. When and if you make the choice to change your diet you need to look into other sources to gain the nutrients you need and be willing to try alot of foods that you normally wouldn’t have eaten. And if you are not willing to do that there is also the option of the supplements like vegetarian based protein bars, shakes, fake meats (if protein is what you were missing). It is much easier to become a vegatarian now than ever before. There are many options available when making the choice but you have to take the initiative to educate yourself and create a healthy diet for yourself!

      I’ve been a vegatarian for a long time and have made the transition to vegan recently. I have never felt better, although at first it was difficult and took alot of self discipline and dedictaion. It is possible to have a veggie diet and still remain healthy, but it’s your responsibility to make the transition properly. I hardly feel drained, in fact I have become a much more active person and have found that I have alot more energy then I ever did when I ate meat.

      I understand that this is personal choice and in no way am I trying to force anyone into becoming a veggie, and I also know that it is a VERY hard change to make. I’m just tired of hearing the same excuses and arguments from meat eaters and thoes who gave it a try but couldn’t make the lifestyle change.

  • david

    Whether it’s healthier or not is beside the point. People can choose to live how they want and live healhty lives on either diets.

    But let’s be truthful. Vegetarianism and veganism requires a strict regime to follow, a lot of research, and more effort in time that on an omnivorous diet. It’s not “silliness” that some people aren’t cut out for veganism and decide it’s easier to get the nutrients needed by going back to meat.

    • LittleMe

      Vegetarians and vegans aren’t any more prone to malnutrition than anyone else. There are countless anaemics who aren’t vegetarian so what’s their excuse given red meat is apparently full of iron? Likewise, there are of millions of people with osteoporosis that consume plenty of dairy products (supposedly the best source of calcium). And what about all those excessively skinny and frail individuals who have their daily recommendation of chicken or fish. With all that protein why are so many non-vegetarians lethargic and underweight? Surely there shouldn’t really be any need for hospitalisation or daily supplements such as vitamins for anyone at all really. Aside, of course, from the weak and malnourished veggies like myself…

  • LittleMe

    Sounds as if she didn’t make too much of an effort. There are countless people throughout the world who are a healthy weight and full of energy and manage to survive perfectly well on a vegetarian diet. If you care enough you can make it work.

  • georgina

    You don’t try a lifestyle to see if it suits you do you? You do not wake up one day and say “i will be a vegetarian,” try it for three or four months and then decide that it is not for you, while praising those who are able to stick to their lifestyles or diets. you do it because of some conviction: either you absolutely hate the mistreatment of animals just for the sake of turning them into food, or you believe that the food is poisoning your body. There are plenty of reasons out there to go vegan or vegetarian, but most people do it and stick to it because they believe in it, unlike a shoe that one tries on because it is beautiful and makes one look sexy but have to take off at the end of the night because it is killing my feet. You get what i am saying…

  • Emily

    Lame. Weak. Boring. Ho-Hum. And, finally… *eyeroll*

  • don miguelo

    *forward-facing eyeroll*

    Wow are the billion+ humans still a part of the natural circle of life? News to me!!! Seems like most of us go to the supermarket.

    Humans are omnivores, major emphasis on the grains and plants. Lions are carnivores major emphasis on the meat and bones. What is the argument here, exactly?

    • Michael Raymer

      Well Don, here’s what it is. Osama bin Laden has been killed, Kevin Costner has a way to clean oil from water, and the icecaps are melting. But the real issue facing our country is some skinny chick that I’ve never heard of doesn’t want to be vegan anymore (and her co-star is a hunk). And there’s omnivores and carnivores and tree-sloths and herwin is unhappy for a change. And, for Godssake, don’t watch a nature documentary featuring animals eating animals because it will make you an obnoxious dumbass (just like me).

      Any questions?

      • don miguelo

        BWAHAHAHA! I guess I asked for it there didn’t I?!!

        I see your point! There’s important stuff going on yet here we all are splitting hairs over some celebrity’s inane comment.

        I think on the diet choice issue David had a good point up there about how it is easier to stay omniverous in our culture, but the response by LittleMe was also a valid perspective.

        To me, Georgina really hit the nail on the head: this is more about some celeb unintentionally(?) sidelining vegetarianism because she wanted to be in the cool crowd for a minute. Insult to injury, she says it made her too skinny– NOT going to win much sympathy from other womyn on that (being that she is rich, sucessful and pretty). Maybe she could have thought about that a bit first.

        I guess for some it’s a social climbing thing, some people honestly want to go back to omniverous diets, and some people stand up for their heartfelt convictions with actions.

  • jess

    Dudes its not a big deal, just eat what you wanna eat that’s it, protein, carbs, fiber or whatever.
    Its your body just CONTROL IT ALREADY.

    And yea Nina you look so thin, eat a pizza or something, but you’re still beautiful.

  • me

    I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 10. I’m almost 15 right now, and I feel good. I’m a little bit under the normal weight, but my parents look out for me, and they buy extra nuts, make more pasta and sometimes they join me in meals. Other kids think it is weird, but I keep going, because I believe just one person can make a big chance in the world.

    • herwin

      that’s so great and i admire you for making such a choiche. i wish i would / could have made the decision to go veg when i was your age.:-)

  • Ehkelley

    Ya know what, she gave it a good try and vegetarianism just didn’t suit her. That’s OK and frankly it really isn’t any of our business what she eats or doesn’t eat. And I take issue with the fact that this author, with no medical training, is doling out nutritional advice to people. She didn’t say that she only tried soy, she used it as an example of what wasn’t working for her. Stop being so judgemental.

  • Priya Bansal

    I am vegetarian my whole life since birth and I’m not skinny at all. Stupid Excuse