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Remember how when I was little sometimes the only good part of my day was getting a chocolate milk when I got home from school? Well, little did my 8-year-old self know that I was slowly killing myself. Hooray!

Jamie Oliver, king of the “Food Revolution” in American schools, was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on April 26th and announced his plans to remove flavored milk from cafeterias.

He was joined by John Deasy, the superintendent from the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the two revealed that their plan will start next fall.

That means no strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or whatever other artificially flavored milks will be tolerated as part of an option at school.

“There’s more sugar per ounce in flavored milk than there is in a can of soda,” Oliver said. “If you think about a little 4-year old to an 18-year old [drinking this] sometimes twice a day–just flavored milk–in their time at school and then you’re worried about diabetes?”

The only problem is that if the school systems are able to sniff out flavored milks without the added sugar, there’s a chance that the flavored drinks could be reintroduced back into schools.

What was great is that Jimmy Kimmel is backing their plan, and seeing as he is a parent we think that’s the responsible thing for him to do.

View the clip in full below!

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  • whitney

    He started that on his Food Revolution show back last year sometime. Glad it’s getting more air time. I wish parents were more involved with their kids’ diet so the government doesn’t have to mandate what kids eat at school. I’m such a dreamer :(

  • littlesteamingteapot

    Jaimie Oliver is off the mark. Chocolate milk isn’t terrible. Kids drink more of their lunch milk if they are offered chocolate milk. The sugars used in the milk can be deducted from the totals of the meal by school dieticians and it all evens out.

    If you cut fats out of young children’s diets their brain development will be affected.

    • Michael Raymer

      Good points. I’ve been reading this article with some skepticism too. Of all the foods kids gravitate to, I don’t think we should be discouraging milk, of all things. In my opinion the focus should be more on soda, fried foods and salted snacks, in and out of school.

      • don miguelo

        Yeah I don’t think I would have drunk regular milk in grade school if not for the flavors – because without them it tastes like the carton Blechhhh!!

        Actually, i think that was the major reason to add flavors, to make it exciting for kids so theu would get enough milk-provided nutrients.

        I appreciate what he is trying to do but maybe migrate them to Coconut milk or use organic local milk with a non-sugary flavoring. This isn’t 1940 where their were no alternative flavors. Kids will just sneak it from home in warm bookbags (!) or not drink anything at all– I know, I was one of those stubborn kids!

        This move will SOUR most kids right off the bat, once you take that away they won’t be on his side to change the broader picture. I think he should get some trust going 1st, then let THEM decide to remove it by choice.

  • Yvonne

    I used to think that as well, but now I am not enthusiastic about and sugar drink. Take a look at Sugar: The Bitter Truth on YouTube. It is an eye opener.

  • Emily

    Personally, I think drinking any non -human mammal’s milk is disgusting but public schools offering children colored sugar milk each day for lunch, where they’re supposed to chug it and then run back to class and sit still and focus, while a good many of them are battling some form of malnutrition or weight problem is at best stupid and at worst negligent. Team Jamie! Down with milk! (Unless it’s human and you haven’t been weaned yet…)

  • http://akamat.wordpress.com akaMat

    I love Jamie Oliver. I wish he could clone himself we need more men like him.

  • http://obesitysolution.wordpress.com Rita

    watch sugar the bitter truth children’s version