The “Glee” cast has been busy in New York City while filming scenes from their episode at the national glee club competition. But star Lea Michele has found something new to take home with her instead of a cheap Statue of Liberty souvenir…she found a new ally in an important cause!

Michele is now backing Pamela Anderson‘s campaign against horse-drawn carriages in New York’s Central Park. Michele wrote to Anderson on Twitter, “I’m in NY (New York) right now and it is devastating to see these horses on these busy streets at all hours. Wish this would end…”

Michele has been a supporter of a ban on horse-drawn carriages for a while now. Notably, “The Daily Show” star Olivia Munn has been very outspoken about the issue too, even going so far as to throw around insults on “The Today Show.”

Anderson was in NYC promoting her campaign at the same time Michele was there, and must have caught Michele’s attention at some point. With her campaign, Anderson hopes to replace all horse-drawn carriages in Central Park with classic cars. Not a bad idea!

It’s great to see two major Hollywood players going after the same cause here. If the two of them could team up with Olivia Munn, their combined animal rights ferocity would be a force to be reckoned with…and they’d be a downright attractive group, too.

  • Claire Gosse

    Whenever I go to New York it saddens me to see those poor horses. Hopefully Pam and Lea can use their celebrity to make a positive change and get horse drawn carriages banned.

  • Matthew Macari

    Hi, I have been trying to get the city to give me a permit to open a fully Electric Vehicle rides in Central Park. I have been getting the door shut in my face every place I go to try to get this oked. I have the perfect vehicles for it. I have Unique Electric Vehicles Inc. I am located in Ronkonkoma, NY out on long Island. Look at my web site at and look under my Cadillac Escalade & Hummer Limo sections. I even have bigger limos too. They would be perfect to use in central park and other places in the city. They NOT golf cars they are called L.S.V ” low speed vehicle ” These vehicles can go up to 70 miles on a single charge and cost about $1.50 to charge up. Plugs right into a regular wall outlet. We have from 2 passenger to 11 passenger vehicles. I just did a Custom 4 passenger Cadillac Escalade that was used to drive Donald Trump through the audiance to the stage. Every one loves these vehicles. I am still trying to get it oked.

    • paul

      cars (electric or not) have no soul, no spirit unlike horses… there are so many lies and distortions surrounding the NYC carriage industry… the truth is that these horses are lovingly cared for and are in fine condition as the the athletes they are… BTW, using The Donald in your sales pitch is probably counter-productive, just sayn’…

      • stephanie

        Oh PLEASE!!! They are kept in stalls where they can’t even move around. They look depressed and dejected. They are left tied to lamp posts unattended and many have been found AT AUCTION not in some picturesque sanctuary as you would have people believe.

        Not to mention the drivers are low life’s that have spit on, thrown horse manure at and used slurs (among just plain ol FOUL language) at protesters. There is TONS of video on youtube showing the instability of the drivers. I would not trust them with an animal let alone my FAMILY.

        And don’t try to say it’s lies. I have been there when people from the industry have done these things when all protester are doing is exercising their right to free speech.

        ANIMAL EXPLOITATION IS NOT ROMANTIC (unless you are a pervert)

      • Horse Liberation

        To state that cars don’t have a soul or spirit is making the detractors to your industry’s point. Just sayin’.

      • Joshua Penglase

        No soul? Like the people that work for the carriage industry (i.e. you)?

        If you think for one minute that this industry isn’t cruel, you need a serious evaluation of your ethics. Like SERIOUS.

  • Lauren K

    New York’s carriage horses are in no way abused, neglected, or unhappy. Working horses love what they do. If the carriage industry is shut down those horses will undoubtedly end up at risk because I don’t think Pam Anderson will pay the bill to care for all of them once they lose their jobs pulling a carriage. While I respect the sentiment that they want to protect horses, I have to whole-heartedly disagree with their claims against NYC carriage companies. You can find a huge amount of facts and truth by checking out and though they do NOT have celebrity spokespersons, they do have experienced and loving people who have made restoring the bond between horses and humans their lives work.

    • Matt Miner End Bsl

      The thing is, the people who claim these horses aren’t abused are the same people who make their living from using the horses.

      Think they have a lot to lose if the industry goes down? You bet.

      Think it costs them more money to take better care of the horses? You bet.

      Think they’re not scrambling and frantic every time a new story of horse abuse within their industry surfaces? Of course they are, because it directly threatens the way they’ve chosen to make their living.

      So take that into consideration when listening to all these yokels claim that horses *want* to be pulling tourists around on city streets all day and that they’re well taken care of.

      The truth is out there, but those who have ties to the industry aren’t going to tell you the truth.

    • stephanie

      Are the carriage drives so horrible at being a normal functioning humans that they can’t find other work? It has been said time and again that if the ban goes through and the electric cars are put in place they can drive those! Or what about they do their OWN leg work instead of exploiting animals and drive a pedicab?

      And they love horses so much that they weave them dangerously in and out of traffic? Keep them nose to tail pipe with all the cars in the city? And then after these beautiful animals are all broken and used up…they send them to AUCTION? Don’t try to deny it because they have been found and confirmed by the serial numbers they are branded with.

  • Laura Janisieski

    The people in the carriage horse industry will tell you that they love and care for their horses, but for some reason they don’t want you to see their actual living conditions, they want to work them on the hottest & coldest days, they force them to work in dangerous traffic…

    I think it’s fairly obvious who is pushing falsehoods, here. The carriage horse industry is cruel and unnecessary. Shut it down!

    • stephanie

      And let’s not forget that day there was a weather emergency where ONLY emergency vehicles were authorized on the streets, and the drivers WENT OUT ANYWAY. Yeah…you REALLY care more about your animals then you do anything else *rolls eyes*

  • Anne Jones

    The hacks who keep promoting “Equiculture” need to get real jobs – the reason you exist is to promote carriage rides, NOT to help horses. Nice front, calling yourself a “sanctuary” and taking in a few horses used for tourist attractions. It’s time for this “tradition” to be found only in history books, along with other forms of slavery.

  • Regina Clark

    Thank you Lea and Pam, for sticking up for the horses. The Carriage Horse Industry is cruel. Period.

  • Camille Hankins

    As a native New Yorker whose has watched these horses for years, I can tell you that the carriage horse industry people are profiting off of the blood and sweat of these poor pitiful horses. They are in it for the money and the fact that they drive their horses through the most horrible weather conditions proves that.

    I was unfortunate enough to be with a small group of people who witnessed a carriage driver abuse his horse in public. His poor horse was just trying to get a drink of water and he wrenched his horse’s head out of the trough and proceeded to punch his horse on his sensitive nose. All this happened with horrified passengers in the cab. The horse reared up and just missed being in what would have been a devastating accident.

    New Yorkers are tired of watching these poor animals being abused and exploited. The carriage horse trade is an inhumane and dangerous anachronism and should be abolished immediately.

  • Rowan Morrison

    We also have horse carriage rides in Philadelphia, and similarly ridiculously referred to as “tradition.” in reality, there were NO horse drawn carriages after cars were invented until someone looking to make $$$ brought them in as tourist attractions during the bicentennial in 1976. They’ve been making money for their owners ever since. It’s time for this to end and the horses to be retired to reputable sanctuaries (yes, they do exist).

  • Donny Moss

    Horse-drawn carriages cannot be operated humanely or safely in NYC due to certain conditions which simply cannot be fixed. For instance, NYC doesn’t have a pasture where the horses can graze, roll, run and interact physically. We are therefore depriving these horses of the ability to do anything that comes naturally to them. Horses are prey animals who flee when spooked. When a horses flee in a pasture, no one gets hurt. But when they flee on 9th Ave or Central Park, all hell breaks loose. How many more horses have to get killed by cars before we realize that they shouldn’t be pulling carriages in the most congested streets in the country?

  • Jane

    While these rides may be “romantic”, etc, can you imagine having your face stuffed in the tail pipe of a bus for hours on end? Being housed in a 5 floor walk up brownstone, as a horse? I don’t necessarily think folks taking rides think of this, or are inherently awful people, but check out the horse cruelty site to see the real deal. These horses are not rolling and running in the fields of Central Park on their off hours. They are jammed into tiny stables. I am a biologist and know a fair amount about animals, and those horses are not healthy, despite the fact that they are the resource those drivers ‘need’. Most of their eyes show jaundice, etc. You all may have pets — you know a happy animal. Head up, energetic. Is that a carriage horse? No it is not. Just think about it.


  • Susan

    It’s sad to see any animals used and exploited, but especially for something so trivial as a carriage ride in NYC. When business and animals combine, it always seems the animals lose.

  • Georgia Karagianni

    Horses don’t belong to big, crowed, polluted cities. They are not supposed to trot on asphalt among cars, buses, etc. They are exploited, and then auctioned when they are old with most of them ending in the slaughterhouse. “Romantic rides”? Not really, not even for the tourists, especially not for the horses.

  • Naida

    Congested city streets is not conducive to a horse’s well-being. The horse carriage industry knows it! I know it! I have often seen horses being worked to exhaustion. At the end of the day, these poor horses are abused and exploited, all in the name of the mighty dollar! It’s all about greed with these people in this industry.