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If you haven’t heard, Florida and Iowa are currently trying to make undercover investigations on farms illegal. That means a person would need have to have written consent before taking photographs or filming (or any way documenting) what goes on inside a factory farm.

Perez Hilton, a Florida native, is siding with PETA on the issue. Hilton said, “A citizen’s right to document cruelty to animals—wherever it occurs—is crucial to helping local, state, and federal officials enforce anti-cruelty laws. What we need are more cameras on factory farms, not fewer.”

It seems like at least a few times a year organizations like Mercy for Animals, HSUS and PETA release undercover investigations showing the world that animals are brutally assaulted while being bred for human consumption. Even when there is nothing being done that is outside of the industry standard, farm animals live out their lives in pain and desperation while shielded from public view. Without these investigations, the factory farming world would have a carte blanche to keep inflicting cruelty, and even stepping it up a notch.

In the video the gossip blogger asks the question, “What are they trying to hide?” Well, based on countless other investigations that have shown cruelty like beating, sexual abuse and more, I think we all know.

Want to learn more? Check out Perez’s video below, and if you’re in Florida or Iowa, consider contacting your legislator.

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  • herwin

    these lawmakers don’t want to stop animal cruelty, they want us to stop seeing it.

    making the act of filming animal cruelty an ilegal act, maybe won’t stop some people from making undercover videos, but i also means that any media (including internet like YOUTUBE) showing any photo or video is doing an ilegal thing and will face legal consequences like heavy fines.

    This possible new law denies consumers to look behind closed doors and not see or know about the products they buy in the supermarket, regarding not only animal cruelty but also food safety. (undercover vids for ilegal hormone injections in food animals also will be ilegal)

  • Michael Raymer

    This is the same type of legislation that Canada uses to keep the seal slaughter a secret from the public. I took an ounce of comfort that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen in the USA. Wrong again.

    To hell with only contacting your legislature if you are from Florida or Iowa. Contact your representatives, and especially your Governors office, regardless of what state you are from. Tell them that Freedom od Speech means Freedom of Speech. Tell them that a government of the People, by the People and for the People needs to allow full disclosure of where their food comes from. Tell them that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Now, if you’ll pardon me, I have some emails to write.

  • http://None! G Bishop

    We have all including the Goverment and the Law, Police, the Public Got to and NEED TO keep an eye on what goes on with our Animals! Animals Need Rights, they are Beings too. I wish that ALL Celebs and famouse And the Rich and Powerful would Help and Speak up for the Animals, and watch the film footage of how Bad the Animals and the Seals are treated.

  • Whoever…

    Cruelty against animals will NEVER end until people realize once and for all that the only thing that matters to people on top of the human pyramid – and therefore are in charge – is power and money! They couldn’t care less about animals…

    You can write all the e-mails you want to your representatives, sign on-line petitions and even attend demonstrations but the truth is that until we become more active and fierce nothing will truly ever change.

    What the planet needs is more organizations like ALF and ELF! Call them eco-terrorists, fanatics or whatever you want, but the fact is they get the job done.

    People are in such a zombified state (zombies within the ‘matrix’) they believe all the lies the elite (illuminati) tells them and do exactly what the elite wants.
    We’re just witnessing another big lie and most people bought it without questioning anything! I’m talking about bin laden – who armed, trained and funded him in the 80’s? The USA did! And conveniently he is now dead? Where’s the proof? No photos, no video footage of his body!? And he lived in a not very discrete mansion (where they even burned their trash) near a Pakistani military academy and no one bothered to investigate it!? Yeah right, lie to me because I love it! I don’t know what the illuminati want with this but it’s just a distraction.

    We’re at war – and it’s not by meditating or being nice that we’re going to change anything! You want to help animals and end cruelty perpetrated against them? Well, toughen up and start using more aggressive methods…

    If ‘they’ win, we also have to worry about our personal safety and freedom – if they have their way we will become their slaves! And that scenario is not very far…