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Elton John, David Beckham, and a homeless woman walk into the Royal Wedding…

Okay, so I framed that like a joke but in reality that is a piece of truth. It seems that Prince William invited a 20-year-old woman named Shozna (who refused to disclose her surname) to the wedding after hearing her speak about how his charity, Centrepoint, helped her turn her life around.

The charity aims to give homeless young people a chance at getting their lives back on track through financial support, housing, and lobbying the government for assistance.

Apparently, Shozna impressed the prince with a rather emotional speech she gave when she explained how she became homeless after suffering a stroke over a year ago. The prince, in turn, sent Shozna an invitation and also hooked her up with a donated designer dress worth £1,500.

“It was amazing. Kate Middleton is a beautiful woman,” she told the News of the World newspaper. “I’ve been past the Abbey but I never ever thought I’d be inside.”

We think it’s fantastic that the prince is leading by example, and creating some true rags to riches stories.

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  • canadian

    gotta say this is a great story. everything ive read about your prince makes him a top notch guy. plus marrying for love and not politics?


  • Joe

    This sounds like he’s following in the footsteps of his mother. Let’s hope his generosity and focus on the struggles of real people continue!

  • Um

    Exactly how is this a rags to riches story? Did he give her a home and job too?