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Whether you think Charlie Sheen’s tour is a laugh riot or a train wreck, no one can deny he’s doing some pretty admirable things with some of the cash he’s bringing in.

First, we’ve got disaster relief in Japan. Sheen is donating a portion of ticket sales from his Toronto show to help Japan after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis caused devastation in the country a month and a half ago.

If that wasn’t great enough, Sheen also asked his fans via twitter to take part in a walk to raise cash for the Organization of Bipolar Affective Disorder. Plus, he said he would match each buck made for the organization. That means, if you walked, Sheen doubled your money.

Does the man’s goodwill stop there? Nope. The proceeds made from the merchandise sold at the San Francisco show will go to help Bryan Stow, a paramedic who was severely beaten in an assault at Dodger Stadium on March 31. The donation to the Bryan Stow Fund is said to be the first to come from Sheen’s Korner, a foundation being put in place to help Sheen with his charitable giving.

And let’s not forget that the actor’s last tour date will be in Haiti and all profits will go to benefit charities in the country.

Not that Charlie Sheen is going to be role model of the year or anything but love him or hate him, he has no shortage of good deeds while on his tour.

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