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Watch live streaming video from abesmarket at

Abe’s Market, an online marketplace for natural products, has been up to something good lately. If you watch the video above on Tuesday, May 3rd at 2pm EST, you’ll see what I mean. To add a new dimension to online shopping, they host Abe’s Live, a live show where they talk in real time with the vendors of the products that they sell. During the show they offer discounts, answer questions, and share green tips.

Together, Abe’s Market and one of the featured vendors this week, GoodOnYa Bar, are offering Ecorazzi readers a chance to win a box of 12 GoodOnYa Breakfast Bars ($36 value). These bars are Non GMO, No Soy, No Dairy, 76% Raw, High Fiber, High Iron, Gluten Free and made in small batches. So what DO they have? An all organic mix of Brazil Nuts, Cold Milled Flax, Pure Maple Syrup, Thompson Raisins, Hemp Seeds, Pure Olive Oil, Sunflower Seeds, 70% (soy free) Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Celtic Sea Salt. Yum!

To enter to win, leave a comment below telling us which Abe’s Vendor you’d like to hear from next! Entries accepted until Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST. One winner will be selected at random. One entry per person. Complete rules.

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  • Stephanie

    I would love to hear more about Rescue Chocolates.

  • Robyn

    Love u guys and I would definitely LOVE to hear about any chocolate especially DARK! I hear the rescue chocolates are good ;0)

  • Michael Raymer

    After 3 attempts, the video isn’t working.

    I have a question. In both the article and on the breakfast bar wrapper it says, “No Soy”. What’s wrong with soy. I always thought that soy was the vegan savior, but now we’re supposed to stay away from it?

    • sd

      Looks like it’s a Live show… doesn’t start til 2pm EST

    • Abby

      Most soy is GMO and organic soy is still processed in a way that breaks away the proteins, is not fermented to nutralize toxins, and adds carcinogens. Also, it increases rates of cancer and can cause vitamin and mineral deficencies according to studies.

  • Abby

    With the summer ahead and not being able to find many natural sunscreens, I would like to hear about the many options from beyond coastal.I like that they also have a facial sunscreen.

  • Megan

    I second Rescue Chocolates!! Yum!

  • Kate Spencer

    I would love to know more about Valley Green Naturals. I use their Hydration Plus Organic Fusion Shampoo – Rosemary Mint to clean my hair. I also use their Cool Clarity! Toner-Astringent to clean my face a few times a week.

  • Jon

    The video will work at 2pm EST. And great question. It should get answered today at 2pm EST on Abe’s Live (in the video box, above).
    – Jon

  • Geoffrey

    More stuff about the Nicobella offerings at Abe’s site would be great.

  • Matthew B

    I would love to hear from the rescue chocolate people as well. Like Michael the video is not working for me either

  • Elissa Thomas

    I would be interested in hearing more about the Bug Off! products…and the bars sound awesome!

  • Rebecca Carter

    Hi everyone. Sorry for any confusion on the vid. It will go live today at 2pm. It is a video player for the live broadcast and will only work during the live one hour show.

  • Anna

    Wow, I’d love to hear about Chocolate Inspiration—that stuff looks great!

  • Audrey O

    would love to hear from Sprout wellness !!!!

  • Kelly Seward

    Vintage spa in KY

  • Melissa

    I’d love to see Pet Naturals of Vermont featured. I’m thinking of getting a dog soon and am concerned about whether the typical medications prescribed for heartworm, fleas & ticks, etc. are vegan. Would be curious to learn about whether Pet Naturals of Vermont offers cruelty-free alternatives!

  • Leslie

    Rescue Chocolate, please!

  • Colleen

    I’d love to hear more about Kaylala. They have some very nice skin products!

  • Daniel

    I’d like to hear more from Two Moms in the Raw. Their company and foods sound great.

  • Deanna

    I’m interested in Mrs. Meyers cleaning products…wondering if their products are vegan.

  • Robyn Ely

    Original Sprout Wellness Rocks !!!

  • Rebecca Carter

    Congrats to Leslie. We just sent you an email for your details! Thanks for participating everyone!