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For some of you who have pets, the question of doing anything to protect them may seem like a no-brainer. That is until your dog decides it’s a great idea to hop off the edge of a cliff and you have to lunge after it.

But that’s exactly what happened to David A. Lewis, a South Carolina man who was enjoying a hike with his dog and his girlfriend when things took a deadly turn.

Authorities have said that the 29-year-old tried to stop his dog, who was teetering on the edge of a cliff, when Lewis fell 125 feet from a waterfall. The fall that Lewis suffered was fatal.

The dog regained its footing and survived, and the girfriend suffering minor bruises and cuts as she went down the waterfall trying to help Lewis.

We are really saddened to hear that this brave man died while trying to save his pet. That’s a true act of selflessness.

Via the Associated Press

  • Sonia

    Oh my gosh that’s so sad! I always freak out when I hike if my dog gets to close to the edge of a steep hill or cliff. I try to avoid places like that in general. My thoughts are with them.

  • http://jamesfowlkes.com James Fowlkes

    This was a very sad story. We sure love our pets…