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Remember Donald Trump’s plans for a luxury golf course on a remote and beautiful stretch of coastline in Aberdeen, Scotland? The $2.1 billion dollar development was originally blocked due to some very real environmental concerns by residents and conservation officials. The Scottish government, however, intervened to give the green light after deciding that the economic advantages were just too great to pass up.

Fast forward to today and Trump’s golf course is almost complete – with 1,500 condominiums soon to be built. There remains, however, a group of Aberdeen locals who have resisted the business mogul’s attempts to buy out their properties and remain steadfastly opposed to the project. Their story is the subject of a new documentary called “You’ve Been Trumped”.

“This is a timely film, given his presidential ambitions. But audiences for the first time will see a different side of The Donald that they won’t like,” director Anthony Baxter told The Hollywood Reporter. His  documentary was the only one shot in Scotland last year – but was rejected from the Edinburgh Film Festival on the grounds of it being “too racy”. That, or perhaps they were thinking “this is just too embarrassing for us…”

And is there anything about Donald Trump that people like? The guy has always come across as something of a condescending, egotistical ass – something the trailer below highlights with ease.

The David vs Goliath story features several homeowners fighting not only Trump but also the Scottish government as the world around them is transformed by bulldozers. Baxter, who has shot documentaries in Uganda and Afghanistan, was even arrested while filming in Aberdeen. “I felt like I was in a hostile environment, like a complete different country,” he told the National Post.

The director also mentioned that Trump’s promises to preserve the environment were laughable. “You have homeowners and an environment that’s ripped apart and destroyed and he (Trump) is telling the TV cameras that he’s protecting the environment,” he told THR.

Baxter is currently looking for U.S. distribution for the film. Since controversy sells, this one should have no problem finding a buyer – especially if Trump decides to move ahead with his Presidential bid.

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  • Joey Schmoey

    This film is a crock of crap. You know why the Scottish gov and police support Trump? Its cause he will bring JOBS and TAXES to the failing economy. The one man says that the economic outlook is too optimistic, but all of Donald’s other golf courses around the world are very successful and have brought a great amount of income to the community.

    Trump has never used eminent domain on these people. Time changes. NYC was once forests and trees. The economic good far outweighs the gripes of the locals. Sad but true.

  • Jesse

    Shut up, douche bag. Donald Trump is a freaking moron and an embarrasment not just to the United States, but the civilized world. Quit drinking the Trump Kool-aid and come back to reality.

  • Robin Clubb ?

    Joey’s more or less right, although he may have a conflict of interest.

    this documentary was on in the UK a while ago and is pretty one sided – not really a documentary at all. The development is well under way and most people round about are more or less behind it so noise like this and the nutter that lives next door should die away . . .

  • Eli

    Oh, ok. So there should be no concern whatsoever about what this project is doing to the surrounding environment or to the people who are refusing to sell their own homes so some stuck up snobs can go and hit a few balls? That’s what we should be defending? Of course jobs are important but when are we going to learn that building up the economy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the environment.

  • herwin

    me confused, when a douche bag like Branson wants to build homes on a desert pristine island, he is praised and it is called “developing”. But when a loudmouth yank wants to build a golf course in a scottish area, he is called a bully that is destroying the environment.
    Me thinks, the “environment” reason is just being abused by anti Trump folks, just as in the case with Palin, it’s all politics and little to do with the environment.
    And although golf courses suck in my opinion, poster Joey is right when he says that it brings income to the comunity.

  • jackie

    I don’t know what is more embarrassing, Trump, or listing Bono as a green activist. It ain’t easy being green, but this website is not the color. Sorry kids.