Feel like starting your day with faith in the kindness of strangers? Possibly even tears? Then you should watch the video above.

Last night during an episode of Glee, Google and the It Gets Better Project debuted a new ad that tells LGBT youth that it really does get better. After all the teen suicides that took place in 2010, thousands of adults created videos to give hope to young people who are struggling.  The ad shows some of these videos.

Words of hope like these are shared through the web with kids all across the world: “We love you without even knowing you.” “However bad it is now, it gets better and it can get great.” “Your lives can be amazing but you have to tough this period of it out and you have to live.”

Dan Savage, creator of the It Gets Better Project, started an online movement that has had over 35 million views.

Celebrities like Tim Gunn, Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, Jenny McCarthy, Anne Hathaway and President Obama, have all created videos to tell LGBT youth who are struggling with bullying and cruelty that, even if things are bad now, they won’t stay that way.

Kudos to Google for highlighting this important work. The worldwide web has truly allowed for people to support one another from afar. And if you look at some of the comments on the videos, you’ll see that the “It gets better” message has saved lives.

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  • snowisfun

    This will get criticism. I don’t watch much TV, but the idea that homosexuality is = straight sex is rubbish. People who take part in homo&lesbian activities have higher copathologies-drug junky, anti-social conduct, suicides, etc. What they must focus on is helping homosexuals & lesbians go celibate if not straight. I’ve never heard straights blame childhood sex abuse for causing them to be married with kids, yet homosexuals & lesbians sometimes blame childhood sex abuse. If a boy was homosexually raped or homolested by his priest, the likelihood is more that he’ll take part in homosexual activities in adulthood. Lesbians sometimes believe that being raped by men when they were young caused them to hate men which is why they think they have lesbian sex.

    There maybe other reasons why people turn out homosexual or lesbian such as biological defect-be it birth defect or hormones. But the fact is that for some, sex abuse in childhood causes adult homosexuality. To say otherwise is just rubbish. Homo&lesbian activities are bad for the health just as drug use is. It’s best to cure homosexuality whatever causes it. Finally they must abolish sex changes.