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Italian model, actress, and girlfriend of George Clooney, Elisabetta Canalis has stripped down to become the latest muse for PETA’s anti-fur campaign.

“I think this is the best reason why I got naked in my life,” she told ET Online.

Canalis, 32, shared how she first became aware of the cruelty involved in the fur trade as a child. “I was a kid, a little girl, and was watching TV at home and they showed a documentary. And in the documentary I saw how they killed little animals, like electrocuting them, drowning them, bludgeoning them,” she said.

“I was shocked because I was a little girl, but by that moment I thought that I would never, never, never, wear fur in my life.”

A quick search for “fur” and “Elisabetta Canalis” on Google Images appears to confirm the model’s convictions. According to the UK Mail, the shoot featured Elisabetta posing with one of her own adopted dogs who “licked and snuggled with his mom as she lay on the floor of the studio.”

Check out a video of the shoot below!

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  • mister jingles

    Oh yes, Elisabetta Canalis is also a great animal protector in Italy, she is beautiful inside out! George Clooney is a very lucky man!

  • Michelle Souza

    She’d go naked for any cause as long as a camera is on her.

  • Dave

    I’m always disappointed when I hear about another celebrity campaigning for PETA. There are so many better organizations do work with, I don’t know why anybody would ever want to associate with these frauds.

    • Beth Brant

      They are not frauds. I don’t know where you get your information, but you have been misinformed. So many people , like myself, work for PETA because we love animals and we hate the cruelty and torture they are subjected to. I am not ashamed of demonstrating at circuses or rodeos for the poor creatures who are being beaten and abused for the amusement of humans. I am not ashamed to picket at fashion shows where dimwits are wearing fur, leading to the extinction of so many beautiful animals. And if it weren’t for groups like Peta, animals would still be totured in labs to make sure that “cosmetics” were “safe” for women!! I belong to many animal rights groups and I am proud to be a member of all of them. We could use more people who are willing to go the distance for those who cannot speak for themselves. the ASPCA says “We are their voice” and I believe that with all my heart.