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We told you that uber hunk Robert Pattinson adopted a dog from a Louisiana shelter during the filming of the next Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn, but turns out the little pup has been battling illness all this time.

It seems that his pup contracted canine parvovirus, a highly contagious virus that can be severe in puppies. In extreme cases the cardiac form of the virus causes respiratory or cardiovascular failure, and can have a 91% fatality rate if left untreated. Yikes!

The 24-year-old (soon to be 25) initially bought the dog to save himself from boredom while on set, as many of his remote location shoots leave him without visitors. But it appears that the dog has become almost family to Pattinson, because when the pup fell ill only the best treatment would do.

“It sounds ridiculous but my dog was sick with a puppy disease called parvo and it was such a relief being able to go into the vet and say, ‘I want the best, immediately,'” he explained to Britain’s Elle magazine.

We’re really glad to hear that Pattinson’s puppy is on the mend, and that this shelter dog is getting not only a second chance at life, but a loving home to live it in.

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  • georgina

    Awww…that’s sweet.
    My mom’s min-pin had parvo at the age of 12 and the little guy received only the best treatments. It has been about 3 years since that nightmare happened and he is still with us.

  • KitKat

    Whoever says that stardom creates uncaring and mean celebrities, obviously has not met someone like Rob! It breaks my heart that his puppy is sick, but it is nice to know that the puppy is being given the best care possible. I love dogs myself, and have had a few sick ones in the past, so I know how it feels.

    I hope his puppy gets well again. Losing a puppy is hard, no matter how long or short you have had it.

  • LittleMe

    Touching… Maybe his next compassionate move will be taking a stand against the cruelty involved in animal circuses by not featuring in a film that uses performing animals.

    • Beth Brant

      So glad you spoke up! Just because no one saw the elephant mistreated on the set, doesn’t mean the sweetheart wasn’t cruelly trained and mishandled. I am so tired of these people trying to whitewash the kidnapping of baby elephants, the beatings, the chains.This society is going backwards instead of forward. But thanks for standing up for these beautiful mammals.

  • Denise

    omg i love him hes amazing i am a dog lover and i am glad he did this

  • Tory Braden

    MOVIE STAR ELECTRO SHOCKED … Patinson had the wool pulled over his eyes as to the Real abuse of Rosie/Tail the elephant belonging to Have Trunk Will Travel. Animal Defenders International has just released undercover film of her abuse: