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Still thinking about what to give your mom (or a mom you know) this Mother’s Day? If you’d like to both wow your mom and please the earth, browse through our top pics for great green gifts.

10. Eco Mini-Vacation

Beachmere Inn Ogunquit

Some moms find it hard to get out of the house — but that’s just because they haven’t had a good enough offer. Last year, this mama got herself a Mother’s Day trip to The Beachmere Inn, a Maine Green Lodging property. Take it from me — solar powered hot water, views of the ocean, and a car-free weekend is the perfect getaway for an overworked mom.

9. Celebrity-Endorsed Vegan Handbag

Pansy Maiden Vegan Handbag

If mom-to-be Alicia Silverstone and “Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven” co-author Rory Freedman rave about Pansy Maiden bags, shouldn’t your mother be with one? These gorgeous handbags are cruelty-free, made with organic and fair trade fabrics, and are sewn by hand in the USA.

8. Organic Meal At Home

quinoa salad

Photo credit: Flickr

Are you up for thanking your mom for the countless meals she’s made (and cleaned up) for you … perhaps with a healthy, organic meal that you’ve prepared? If you are culinary impaired, consider ordering a few delicious, just-heat-‘em-up entrees from Diamond Organics.

7. Flowers Without The Nasties

organic flowerPhoto credit: Flickr

Mother’s Day isn’t complete without seeing someone hawking roses by the dozen. But having your mom take a whiff of the man-made pesticides sprayed on those flowers is no gift. Instead, consider Organic Bouquet, a flower delivery company that takes pride in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

6. Bicycle with a Boost

Pietzo Milan Electric Hybrid Bike

If you have an older mom or one getting back on a bike after many years, a Pietzo electric hybrid bicycle will get you major love points.  With this sweet ride, mom can now save energy and air pollution around town with the backup of an electric boost if she needs it.

5. Fair Trade Coffee

coffeePhoto credit: Flickr

Some of us love our moms with a little caffeine in them. Why not make her Joe fair trade and organic? Equal Exchange has been working with small farmer co-ops for over 20 years to provide discriminating taste buds a tasty morning brew.

4. Clean Air

greenpeace mother's day campaign

If you’re on a budget or want to support a mom (or future mom) to-be, tell your lady that you’ve joined Greenpeace’s Mother’s Day campaign against environmental toxins. The Website gives you all the info you need to write the EPA and urge them to revise their mercury emissions standards. (Currently, as many as 1 in 6 American women of childbearing age have enough mercury in their bodies to put their baby at risk of mercury poisoning.)

3. Functional Garden Art

compostPhoto credit: Flickr

OK, maybe that description is a bit of a stretch … but meal waste and earthworms didn’t sound as sexy. Yes, I’m talking about composting. Spring has sprung, and if mom likes to garden, help her keep it green with a composter.

2. Chocolate That Doesn’t Bite

taza chocolatePhoto credit: Flickr

Forget those silly heart boxes. Get your mom Taza Chocolate — organic, vegan, stone-ground chocolate made by an independent, socially responsible company. Heck, they even bring their goods to farmers markets by bicycle!

1. Hugs

hugsPhoto credit: Flickr

Hugs are a great environmentally friendly choice this Mother’s Day. Depending on the donor, they can be organic, vegan, and full of love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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