by Ali Garfinkel
Categories: Animals, Internet.
Photo: Flickr via Mewwhirl

It makes sense if you don’t think about it.

If you’ve got $48 and want to take part in a new game/experiment, feel free to check out MyFarm — but be careful, the choices you make actually have an effect on a real farm.

That’s right, the UK’s National Trust has chosen a 2,500 acre farm to experiment with, and ‘players’ get to vote on any decisions made in regard to the land, including crops, machinery choices, facility investments, even livestock!

The only bubble-burster? You only get to choose from a list of available things (so no Marijuana growing!). But aside from the predetermined list of available activities, players are free to keep the farm in tip-top shape, or (figuratively) burn it into the ground.

I say we see how all those Farmville addicts would do in a real virtual real world! (seriously, don’t think about it)

  • don miguelo

    Oh great. Difference here is these actual animals in the actual reality could starve , die or suffer thru the virtual choices of remote players. Thing is, in reality, your animals don’t have 3 lives and you can’t start over.

    Real consequences from virtual gaming is not where we want to go I’m pretty sure. It’s only a matter of time with this type of thing before we are the ones who have our fates decided remotely.