by Ali Garfinkel
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Photo: Google

Well it’s about time!

The news is that internet mega-giant / ruler-of-the-virtual-world, Google, is about to expand. Some of you may be thinking, “how?” (Or you’re not thinking that, just accepting that Google is a living, breathing entity that will eventually smother the world.) Regardless, its current location in Mountain View, California is proving to be too small for the entity, especially after the company announced plans to hire 6,200 more workers in 2011.

Rumor is, the new workers will commute to a custom-made ‘green’ office, built especially for Google employees — a 9.4 acre space that was leased by the company for $30 million.

The structure will reportedly be designed by Ingenhoven Architects, a German firm known for its large-scale, eco-friendly projects.

“We’ve asked them to build the most green, sustainable building possible,” a spokesman for Google told Mercury News.

This is the first time Google will contract a space of its very own. How cool!