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When you use products it’s easy to avoid thinking about where they actually came from. But it’s important to use all natural, animal-friendly items rather than harsh chemicals that are tested on our furry friends… right??

Okay, if my sell wasn’t hard enough then maybe you’ll listen to Sheryl Crow, because the singer is now giving her face and music to a brand you can trust: Tom’s of Maine.

Did you know that she is 49-years-old? Lady looks good, which means she must be doing something right! Recently she wrote a vegan friendly cookbook, and now she’s lending her talents and name to the Tom’s of Maine toothpaste line.

The vegan Simply White Toothpaste from Tom’s is made with natural silicas— an alternative to the harsh chemicals traditionally used to whiten teeth— and is cruelty free. And it’s Crow approved, as visitors to the Tom’s of Maine Facebook page can download a free copy of her new song, “Long Road Home,” and read about the changes in her lifestyle that she has made since her breast cancer diagnosis.

The crooner even recorded an ad for the company, giving her thoughts on what it means to lean a clean, healthy, and natural life, and how Tom’s has become a part of that.

“I think natural beauty is the real strong sense of self,” Crow states. “I want wherever possible for my decisions to be based in clean, thoughtful compassionate living.”

You can watch the ad below!

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  • Beauty without cruelty

    Isn’t Tom’s owned by Colgate Palmolive? CP, who is happy to test on animals?
    Go for real vegan brands, they’re out there.

  • rebecca

    Yes, Tom’s was bought by CP who are not a cruelty free company. And also, weirdly, Tom himself went on to get into the (misleadingly named) “humane wool” racket. Not sure how one could go from founding a cruelty free company to starting any company that would be breeding and selling animal products. While I can imagine the sheep he has are treated decently, we all know the humane label is a lie – it doesn’t at all encompass humane treatment of these beings from cradle to grave (i.e. babies are still taken away from their mothers, animals are sent to slaughter if medical care becomes an issue that costs more than the wool is worth, There is no “retirement home” for the animals who give us wool all of their lives – or eggs, dairy, etc. Just repeating the info for any newbies reading this.)

    There are definitely 100% vegan companies out there who are not owned by corporations and still have their ethical compasses aimed in the right direction. Inquire at local health food store. I have jumped around between brands and am right now using a very awful tasting one so I can’t recommend it, although it happens to be vegan and have very amazing, purely herbal ingredients!

  • Rob

    Desert Essence toothpaste (and other skin/body products) is a good choice.