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We have to give a big old HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to our animal-friendly fave, Robert Pattinson!

The newly 25-year-old is reportedly spending the day with his girlfriend and Twilight series co-star, Kristen Stewart, but we have a feeling his adopted shelter dog will be at his side as well.

Aside from promoting rescue dogs and pet adoption, the Water for Elephants star has helped to raise money for the tsunami victims in Japan with a celeb charity auction, and also raised $40k for the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS fund by auctioning off his kisses (for real).

Since Pattinson has such a huge influence over teens and, let’s get real, girls well over the legal age limit, we think it’s great that he’s leading by example and proving to be a truly giving celeb.

Happy birthday, Rob!

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  • LittleMe

    Perhaps by the time his 26th birthday comes round he’ll have developed a bit more respect for animals other than dogs, particularly those that have suffered horrific abuse thanks to films like ‘Water for Elephants’.

  • Karina

    Just because he likes dogs, doesn’t mean he’s animal-friendly. Many people like dogs, but that says nothing about their view towards other animals. Who cares that it was his birthday?