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by Lisa Kalner Williams
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Ginnifer GoodwinLast year, Ginnifer Goodwin was our girl.

We reported on her “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appearance where she talked about her efforts to save turkeys from Thanksgiving slaughter. This Wednesday, she returned to Kimmel’s show to talk about animal food — like, how yummy it is.

(Say what?)

As you’ll see in this video clip, the “Something Borrowed” star seems content with dropping her plant-based diet. “I’m actually not a vegan anymore,” she giggled. “I’m always learning and growing and changing, and there were some boring health issues that no one wants to hear about. So I had to work some animal products back in my diet.”

So what did she leave the world of veganism for? A “humane” scrambled egg.  “It was the most delicious thing I ever tasted. I felt like a hypocrite and I cried. Then I scrambled up another one … it was perfect.”

Looks like animal flesh has also made it to her diet. Goodwin told Kimmel that prior to the show, she had just prepared meatloaf with bacon on top.

Ooph. I’m a bit taken back. How about you? What are your thoughts on Ginnifer’s “change?”

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  • Anna

    Live and and let live! That’s all I say … If she is not a vegan anymore well then good for her! I bet she knows what’s best for her, if I am a vegan then good for me , I know what’s best for me, the quality of a person is not measured on what we eat or don’t eat!

    • Annna

      Yes it is.

      • Bryan

        No, it’s not !

    • Christine Ohara

      Meat-eater; omnivore ; vegetarian; vegan; I not against anybody; I am vegetarian ;by the way.

      • Marko Vegano

        Then you do not know or understand the issues. I hope you do further research about the difference and give up on eggs and dairy. I hope you truly see the difference. Really. It’s not about about what we eat; it’s about what we do to a living being to fill our lustful wants, not needs. I was a vegetarian for 7 years, then when I fully, got it, I had no regrets about being a voice for animals. Slaves. Victims. Innocent sentient beings. We all have to eat, but it doesn’t have to be at the cost of an innocent being that has as much rights to live a free life, without fear, pain, suffering and death. I wish you well, but, I, do not get on well with people that find the truth and then turn a blind eye. Especially, meat-eaters, omnivores, and vegetarians. In fact, I hold vegetarians in the most contempt. They are one step away from saving lives, but having a scrambled egg and dairy, is just wrong. This is not a judgement. It’s fact. Go Vegan!!!

      • carlos camargo

        But… bacon is delicious, and so is a hamburger (no bun, cause grains are terrible for one’s health), so a bunless burger with bacon on top, oh, and some lettuce, onion and tomato.

        But more seriously, everything about the human animal (and we are animals are we not) screams omnivore. We don’t have digestive equipment of a cow, sheep, or any other herbivore, where is our hind gut, vegan advocate? Our human body demands fat, it is what gave us our big brains. Life-long vegans are generally unhealthy, sure there are outliers but there are outliers in every large group. I follow a paleo diet myself and find myself doing quite well except for the rare occassions when I eat grains (corn tortillas, a bite of buttered roll), and then my body just becomes sluggish and lazy.
        I understand the moral imperative that you feel, I feel the same way about factory raised animals (yes, very passionately). However, I also have to deal with the reality that I was born a human and as an apex predator (by species if not practice), I am entitled and required to eat other animals. Humanely raised animals, on pasture, always well tended to, do not live in fear. They live in a blissful state where they don’t worry about predators and at most realize that one day they’ll be loaded onto a truck and disappear. For all I know, they have a mythology that they are going to a happy place in the sky.

      • Marko Vegano

        Sorry Carlos, but you missed the boat. All I hear is selfish rant. I choose compassion over killing. Your the opposite. I am very healthy and I doubt that you can prove that being a vegan is unhealthy. I hope some day, maybe, while you’re nursing colon cancer, that you will still have time to change. Please do some research on cancer and a meat diet. You might be quite surprised to learn your health is worth more than a morsel of flavor.

      • carlos camargo

        I think Marko, that you are only hearing what you want to hear. You compassion is clear, I can see you have an abundance of it, believe it or not I feel the same way towards caged chickens in factory “farm” settings. But I see a free ranging chicken or cow as living an entirely different life, a very appropriate one for their species.
        You also did not at all address any of my statements regarding our unsuitability as animals for a vegetarian or worse yet vegan lifestyle. That is one of the strongest arguments against vegetarian or veganism. If you choose to not address that point, you can continue to live in bliss. It is very easy to eat a balanced paleo diet, I don’t think or worry about incomplete proteins or supplementation or unnatural products like tofu. From what I understand vegans have to be extremely careful to achieve as good a nutritive balance as can be achieved with such a limited set of foods to choose from. Understand that as a paleo adherent, my choices are all of yours (except for the grains and legumes) and all of the creatures on the earth. Except for other humans, and I only bring this up to preclude such an extension of my argument by any who might be feeling bellicose.

      • Marko Vegano

        Carlos, have you eaten dogs or cats?

      • carlos camargo

        No, I haven’t. I would not be opposed to eating either. They have no compunctions about eating other animals (I know because I have a cat (free roamer), who I keep on a chicken giblet and liver plus whatever he catches diet) so why should I?

      • Marko Vegano

        You see, this is conditioning. You know dogs and cats are animals, but because you love your cat, you would not eat it. But your cat is any animal, so eating it is no different than eating any other animal. How do you love one and not the other. Of course animals have no compunctions about eating another animal, But they eat the whole animal, including the internal organs, brains, eyes, all of it. They also have shorter intestines that will eliminate the digested animal quickly so that it does not ferment in in their body, which causes indigestion and ulcers. They also have long sharp teeth attached to a jaw that only moves up and down, unlike humans. Human teeth and jaw can not compare to the flesh ripping power of a true carnivore. Another thing is that when an animal kills it does it for survival, humans do it because they like it. Even if they do not need it. But most humans do not hunt, like an animal; stalking it’s pry, jumping on it and using it’s strength and claws to kill. People get some one else to do it, thereby avoiding the compunctions. If slaughterhouses had glass walls and you could view it daily you would be sicken by it. It is atrocious, to say the least. Being a vegan, I have only compassion for animals and innocent people. So, if you feel that you are a carnivore, and you must eat meat, look into your cats eyes and tell it that you will kill it and eat all of him or her. If being compassionate and vegan is a bad thing, then I am the worst I can be.

      • carlos camargo

        Hey Marko, you are misquoting me, I clearly stated that I follow a “paleo” diet which means I eat meat and vegetables both. I am not claiming to be a carnivore, especially not the most specialized land carnivore of all, the cat. I claimed though that we, the human animal, are not vegetarian or vegan by anatomy. You have pointed out what is obvious to anyone with observational powers, we don’t live in the wild and we aren’t equipped with the power or tools to hunt like the cats do, but that’s why we have the big brains and tool-making ability, it compensates for some of our weaknesses. Even with comparatively weak tools such as spears though, there are aboriginal hunters who chase a prey (such as deer) to exhaustion, at which point they just poke it and then eat all of it.

        Please compare and contrast human digestive system to that of a true herbivore, not just for me but for your own information. Compassion is not enough, you need science to back your arguments up.

        I do eat eyeballs, and tongue and cow stomach and whatever other parts are for sale. Why the heck would I eat my cat? He has a job to do and does it well, that is why I keep him. He comes to visit me when he is hungry because I feed him. We have an understanding, see?

      • Jaci

        I enjoyed reading your discussion here. You made many valid and interesting points. It was slightly disappointing the responses you got. I had hoped that they would be more thought out and possibly actual responses to what you said, so that I could learn from that side as well. Unfortunately everything can’t be perfect. It’s my person thought, that if Vegans truly cared about the animals, they would get off the high and mighty, snotty attitude so that more people might be interested in their perspective, therefore possibly adopting their way of ‘eating’.

      • carlos camargo

        Thanks for the support, I appreciate it. I believe that the vegetarians and vegans aren’t responding because they have nothing to step up to the plate with. I’m not saying that to cast aspersions, I’m just saying that they are used to emotional “arguments” wrapped with a thin veneer of false logic and when confronted with contradictory evidence, they have to avoid it. Faith is a strong belief in the absence of evidence, they have it and if they lost their faith they’re left with nothing.
        The gauntlet has been thrown down though, and I welcome any challenger. ;-)
        A challenger has to address and rebut the points that I have made as I have rebutted those that were put to me. If someone feels that I did not address any valid argument put to me, please feel free to call me on that.

      • Michellerr

        Wow, humans are IN FACT herbivores. We have flat teeth, a jaw that moves from side to side for grinding, longer digestive systems than that of carnivores and ZERO carnivorous instincts. We also have digestive enzymes in our saliva, a characteristic solely of herbivores. Lions have sharp teeth, eat RAW meat (we can’t or we get sick) and they don’t suffer from high cholesterol or heart disease, because they can handle acidic animal protein. A lion and other true carnivores can process a steak in twelve short hours. It takes us about three days! That’s decomposing meat sitting in our guts. Yum! A big salad, on the other hand, digests in about twelve hours.
        Animal protein leeches calcium from our bones to balance the acidity it creates in our bodies, resulting in osteoporosis and kidney stones.
        Also, fun fact: the average American gets twice as much protein as necessary. Excess protein can result in various cancers, osteoporosis, and heart disease.
        Same goes for milk. We’re the only species that consumes milk as adults. Because after we wean off of out mother’s breast milk we no longer need it, and it becomes like a poison to our bodies.
        “The human body demands fat” what?! The human body demands unsaturated healthy fats. All animals offer us is unhealthy saturated fats. How about nuts, seeds, oils and avocados? It is NOT hard for a vegan to get healthy fats. Quite easy actually. (And excess animal protein is converted to disgusting fat, common for meat eaters)
        “Life-long vegans are generally unhealthy.” About 2.5% of Americans are vegan, so how many of them do you know? Obviously you don’t know enough to make that assumption.
        “Humane” or “free-range” have very loose requirements. What you’re imagining is the ignorant picture most people have of animal farming. And I doubt you go to the farm you’re buying meat from, if you did you’d be disgusted.
        Vegan sources of complete (or almost compete) proteins:
        Quinoa, buckwheat, quorn, chia, hempseed, Ezekiel bread(sprouted and complete), and even a peanut butter on whole grain bread is awesome for protein intake.
        Tofu and tempeh and seitan is just for fun. It’s delicious. And not nearly as unhealthy as you think. Better to eat that everyday than meat, which has twice the amount of estrogen and much more disease and malnutrition linked to it.

        People on a standard diet aren’t getting nearly enough of their daily required nutrients. A vegan diet high in fruits and vegetables is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A meaty diet is high in disease and obesity.
        The average cholesterol of Americans is 210 while for vegans it’s only 133.
        Vegans also have about a 32% lower chance of developing heart disease.
        We’re also on average 10 to 20 pounds lighter.

        We’re healthier and more compassionate. And that whole snobby thing among vegans you’re talking about, equals how selfish you sound when you say things like “I am entitled and required to eat other animals” HAHA, well, you’re also lacking the knowledge necessary to make any of your points valid. I can also cite anything you need me to here so you can learn too.

        Thank you.

      • African Masala

        I think the word is omnivore. Like wolves. Wolves (and dogs) are omnivores, did you know? Sharp teeth and all!

      • Michellerr

        Yikes! I think you just helped MY argument instead of your own. You said “sharp teeth and all!” where are our sharp teeth? Can you help me find them?
        I’ll repeat myself now, while an omnivore has a digestive tract longer than that of a carnivore, it is still much much shorter than ours, and other herbivores.
        The pH level in the stomach of an herbivore(us) is higher than in the stomach of an omnivore(your wolf friends)
        We have flat nails, omnivores have claws
        We chew and chew and chew, while omnivores chew lightly OR even swallow food whole! Have you ever seen a dog just suck down a treat you gave him/her? Yeah, that’s because dogs are omnivores!
        And we’re not!
        One more thing that I already said (I guess you just didn’t read closely enough) is that we have carbohydrate digesting enzymes in our saliva. A trait that SOLELY belongs to herbivores.

        That’s basic info you can find on google, you should’ve just looked it up yourself, silly!

      • African Masala

        Hahaha. Look in the mirror the next time you want to call someone “silly”. I was talking about the sharp teeth OF DOGS AND WOLVES. Some people claim that having those teeth automatically = carnivore. I suppose you think that sharp teeth = omnivore. LQTM. There’s a reason why humans are classed as their own species.

        The word for humans — and dogs — is omnivore. We neither fit into the carnivorous group nor the herbivorous. And there are MANY differences between us and both groups. “That’s basic info you can find on Google. You should’ve just looked it up yourself, silly!”

        Have a great day, won’t you!

      • Michellerr

        Oh dear, I know you were talking about “DOGS AND WOLVES,” But you were trying to use that as support for why we’re omnivores, which is, in fact, a silly thing to do. I never claimed that dogs or wolves were carnivores, so you were kind of just talking out of your ass? Anyway…
        We are further from omnivorous than herbivorous.
        So we are in fact herbivores!
        I’ve already completely supported my argument, all you’re doing is repeating yourself.
        Try rereading my comments, do some research, and put some thought into your next response please.

      • African Masala

        Actually, I wasn’t using dogs and wolves as support for humans … that was an addition to my point. Humans aren’t doggy or wolfish, lol, so, the silliness is your interpretation of my comment. I do find it interesting that you can’t not resort to insults to make your points. Attacking the person simply means you have no point, really.

        Here’s another one. You said, “I never claimed that dogs or wolves were carnivores, so you were kind of just talking out of your ass?” Did you miss my point, “SOME PEOPLE claim that having those teeth automatically = carnivore. I SUPPOSE YOU think that sharp teeth = omnivore.” So you were just kind of talking out of your arse?

        Back to the dog/wolf confusion. Humans are omnivores. We fall into the same category as dogs and wolves. This doesn’t mean anything more than “we fall into the same category as dogs and wolves”. OK? Your 1+1 doesn’t add up, and it’s what is referred to as junk science. We are not herbivores “because we are further from omnivores than herbivores”. That reasoning is at best a hypothesis.

        Put some thought into your argument, please. I may not be back to read your next comment(s) since all you seem capable of doing is throwing insults at me, misunderstanding my comments and presenting simplistic hypotheses as facts. Your conversation is rather dull, so I don’t know that I will take any more time to engage with you. Maybe try removing your emotions from your comments the next time you encounter a differing opinion. Have a great one, Michelle.

      • Michellerr

        Ugh all I want is an actual argument from someone. Repeating exactly what I have said back to me is a waste of my time. Please don’t respond.

      • Stephanie Dominique James

        We are apes. Our closest relative is the chimpanzee. We cannot survive on meat, as we are herbivorous with the ability to digest meat. It’s really very simple.

      • Komit

        if you want to rewrite anatomy and physiology be my guest but the great minds of the field will tell you plainly we are omnivores and apex predators just as earlier stated.

      • Stephanie Dominique James

        I find people who claim to have teeth like a dog absurd and precious. Of course we don’t have teeth like a dog. Have these people ever seen a dog’s teeth? Or a dog’s head? Or a dog’s brain? We call a couple of bluntish points canines, but that’s almost cute. Talking to these people is like talking to a three-year old. There is nothing canine in our mouths or our guts. Nothing. Our human teeth are just like our closest cousin the chimpanzee’s teeth. We are apes, not canines. Despite the glaring disparity between our anatomy and that of dogs, these people bark about being omnivorous as if they held advanced degrees in nutrition, medicine, or anything at all. How silly they all are! Teeth like a dog… If we are omnivorous, it is only because some insects get stuck in our salads and we can digest them. We cannot survive on meat diets alone, and that should be evidence enough for dog-teeth people to understand that we are not truly omnivorous. We are herbivorous, just as our ape cousins are, with the ability to digest meat in a pinch – preferably human, as our history has shown.

      • Kate Marin

        Not sure where you are coming in this “discussion” but posting how great bacon and hamburgers are on a vegan-friendly site is just trolling, not offering up an argument. Please. Being at the “top of the so-called food chain” doesn’t give you the right to inflict suffering over and over on others. After all “intellectually” means we also have the ability to reason, doesn’t it?

      • beatrix

        Do you hold yourself to the same standards as other animals on all issues?
        Also, if eating dogs and cats is acceptable to you because they themselves are meat eaters, shouldn’t it follow that eating cows and other herbivores is not acceptable?

      • African Masala

        There are choices that I have made for the benefit of others that someone else may not have made. Does that make them evil? No. Some animals are bred to be eaten and to provide nourishing byproducts such as eggs. That I choose to eat them — and I do — does not mean that I don’t care for animals or that I don’t “get it”. That you eschew anything from animals doesn’t make you better than any omnivore or vegetarian. We are all doing the best we can with what we have, and we have the free will to do so.

        “We all have to eat, but it doesn’t have to be at the cost of an innocent
        being that has as much rights to live a free life, without fear, pain, suffering and death.” – Newsflash: WE ALL SUFFER. We all have pain. We live with it. That’s life.

        PS, you do not have to torture an animal to eat it.

      • Komit

        There it is you “get it” you get the crappy tasting food and I get Clams casino are clams sentient? Is your next big “get it” moment when you teach the other meat eating animals to stop eating each other? Hey lets see if we can teach that Cougar to stop eating younger men. You are a moron.

  • Sean

    I’d really like to know what “health issue” would require eating meat.

    • EcoDoesNotMeanA-hole

      It’s called “being homo sapiens”, which is an omnivorous species. Do I need to explain that too?

      • PD

        Yeah, not a health issue though is it?

        Omnivorous means able to digest plants and animals. Omnivores can obtain all of the nutrients they need from either source. This, allows us to make a choice.

        Throughout history, most appeals to ‘nature’, when talking ethics, have hidden faulty arguments (eg. blacks are inferior, women less rational etc.). “Being homo sapiens” is another weak argument.

  • Karina

    Wow. Just wow. Does she know how stupid she sounds in that interview? Does Kimmel know how ignorant and stupid he sounds? I doubt it. What kind of “boring health issues” could possibly cause you to eat animal products? She definitely does not seem broken up by it, as it seems she is eating every single animal product she can get her hands on. Makes me wonder if those so called health issues are just an excuse she uses because she actually wants to eat these things. And who exactly told her she needs to eat animal products? Did she decided herself that she needs to? Because no experienced and intelligent doctor, or more importantly registered dietitian, would tell a person they need to eat those things. Its so sad when people give up their “morals” and “ethics” just to “please” their tastebuds for a few minutes.

    • jag1018

      Agreed. I have completely lost all respect for her. The way she nervously giggled like a 6-year old throughout the painful Jimmy Kimmel interview was a clear indication that she was attempting to cover her shame–and she SHOULD be ashamed. No one is perfect–and I myself am most definitely not. However, Ginnifer Goodwin has touted for the past few years that she adopted a vegan lifestyle because she (like most of us) realized how her actions fueled the horrific cycle of animal suffering. She volunteered her celebrity to raise awareness and was quite vocal about it, including being a spokesperson for HSUS and Farm Sanctuary. She also previously did a Thanksgiving video for Farm Sanctuary promoting adopting turkeys–only to now tell Jimmy Kimmel about the turkey bacon on her meatloaf that she made! She portrayed herself as a promoter of veganism and now has compromised the credibility of the rest of us who actually give a damn about the animals. Her cousin John Goodwin manages animal fighting issues for HSUS and I bet he is completely mortified right now.

  • Missy

    How disappointing. It is espcially bothersome when someone like Ginnifer–who I’m certain knows better and has seen the suffering involved, judging from an interview I read with her in VegNews–turns her back and goes back to eating animals. She KNOWS better, although many people out there do not. At least she gave veganism a try, and maybe she’ll think of the animals she seemed to care about before and go back.

  • LittleMe

    Someone should tell these people that cravings for hamburgers or some fried chicken don’t count as “health issues”. A bit of perseverance and self-control goes a long way.

  • gino

    After Brooke Shields – another fallen angel! I mean stars are no saints and it can happen, we have to live with it! Nobody can grant for all his life to stay like this or like that! But anyhow – I’m a litte bit disappointed! I am a vegetarian for more than 40 years, also with a small break between, but now I hope to continue until ? A person who is a vegetarian or vegan with ten dogs to feed is worse than one single person eating meat! There shall always be animals to be slaughtered! The important thing is not that they are slaughtered but HOW they are slaughtered – because there are also milliards of dogs and cats to be fed! I am for humane slaughter methods and strict controle in the abattoirs with camera survey! What more could I tell?

  • Julia Goryun

    This is so terrible! How she acts, also towards her vegan family :S
    She is just a bitch!

  • Sassy

    Ummmmmm…wow. :-/

  • Bryan

    get a life people. If she wants to eat meat, more power to her.
    all the babbling sound cultish…

    • Marko Vegano

      If cannibals wanted to eat you or someone you loved, would it matter to you then? Or is it “more power to them.” SInce when does being compassionate sound cultish?

  • Kate

    I don’t think the issue is “if she wants to eat meat, then more power to her” – the issue is that she is all of a sudden being very flippant about an issue that she claimed was near and dear to he heart – an issue that a good number of vegans looked up to her for so publicly espousing.

    It’s as if Angelina Jolie all of a sudden said “well, you know, the Khmer Rouge, they weren’t THAT bad!” Or if Elton John said “AIDS? That’s so yesterday – I’m all about solar energy now!”

    Additionally, she has decided that the decision to become vegan that her family made — with her encouragement — is all of a sudden ridiculous. “I mean come on people, can we get some cheese?” Really?

    I find her manner in this interview disturbing, and I wonder if the “medical issue” she had was just peer pressure.

  • Jason

    I was just disappointed because as a vegan she was thoughtful and even eloquent, but as a meat eater she sounded glib and disrespectful. It was a sad day.

  • designby

    Personally, I don’t care what someone else does or doesn’t do. This is why 12 step programs don’t want ‘star’ endorsements…because when someone falls off the wagon, it is a PR nightmare. I tend my own garden and mind my own business. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    • Marko Vegano

      You do care or you wouldn’t be making a comment. Just because you close your eyes does not mean it’s okay. If you saw a person kicking a puppy about, would you yell, “stop!” or just let it happen. Of course you care.

      • designby

        I understand what you’re saying. Perhaps I should have said: I am more interested in what people are doing being part of the solution.

      • Komit

        So eating an animal is equivalent to kicking a puppy. God you people are really pathetic. I bet youd kick the shit out of an eggplant casserole. And I don’t close my eyes I eat KFC and love it. If a chicken was walking down the road id snatch that sucker up by the neck and give it a good twist and off to the grease we’d go. Design I’m with you and unlike the broken one I choose to acknowledge your right to have your own feelings without puppy shaming you.

  • FindVegan

    If that’s true then she was never a vegan. Vegan is a lifestyle. There is no one that can point to a magic nutritional substance that meat or dairy provides that isn’t already available in plants for humans to survive on. Look at how the vegan community is continuing to grow as proof. Look up the vegan bodybuilders and record holders. I hope she watches “Earthlings” soon.

    • Karl Malloy

      This story is 2.5 years old. What are your thoughts on the Kennedy assassination?

      • Komit

        Well you commented on her comment so whats your take on JFK? Snarked lately. Pfft. And to necro the comments here all vegans are a bunch of self righteous blowholes. Hey look at me im a vegan it’s the dietary equivalent of being a homo hey look everybody Im a gay or im a lesbian who cares now if youre a vegan homo by all means go tell everyone cause then your almost as important as one of those eco geeko’s…

      • Karl Malloy

        Yes, because new comments like hers was *8 months ago* show up in the new comment feed on the Ecorazzi home page. What’s your excuse?
        I flagged your comment due to the homophobia, so it should be removed by Ecorazzi staff in about 3 months… too bad, that will be too fast for you or FindVegan to reply.

      • Komit

        I flagged your comment. Whatever youre the one who snarked findvegan. It’s people like you that make commenting on any site suck because some self righteous ass feels like its his obligation to put people in their place and by the by homo is short for homosexual how you could perceive that as homophobic is plainly lost on me. Idiot.

      • Karl Malloy

        Are you that much of an idiot that you thought I meant that you were saying the word “homophobia” when you wrote “homo”? Go back to school, Komit can’t read.

      • Komit

        Where did you come up with that it’s written right up there homo short for homosexual. And how is that homophobic do I really need to break it down for you is this what your teachers have to do to get you to understand. Why dont you stop putting people down and I wont have to give you english lessons.

      • Karl Malloy

        Everyone is laughing at your inability to understand what I wrote.

      • Komit

        Right on both counts first its clear no one can understand your writing and second people likely are laughing at me for arguing with a half wit.

      • Karl Malloy

        You may now return to your regularly scheduled homophobia – and to your classroom, that was the bell for next period.

      • Komit

        I’d tell you to eat a dick but thats meat and youre a vegan so that would be insulting. Peace…

      • Karl Malloy

        You would say that to me except you’re late for the school bus. You can’t insult me child, neither by calling me a vegan nor a homosexual. I am neither but I’d be proud to be either. You can only assure that the extremely slow process of ecorazzi justice will involve the moderators looking at your offensive, homophobic posts months from now and eventually deleting them.

        Pro tip: don’t end an insult post with “Peace”. That would be like me now saying:

        Stay cool, dear friend!

      • Komit

        I love it when stupid people try to act superior. Peace is an out word what you ended with is just well offensive in the extreme. I care if they delete my posts I didn’t post them for anyone other than the snide ass that thinks its his place to clue findvegan as to the proper etiquette when posting on ancient blogs. You are far more offensive than I am. You need to grow up and stop insulting people with your banal attitude towards people you don’t even know.

      • Karl Malloy

        “I love it when stupid people try to act superior” by claiming a person misread “homo” as “homophobia”.

        “I care if they delete my posts”. I figured you might.

        I am being offensive to you because you were offensive to society. Thank you for suggesting that you consider me to be very good at it.

      • Karl Malloy

        By the way, you do understand the difference between 2.5 years and less than a day, right?

        FindVegan replied to a 2.5 year old comment.

        I replied to a less than 24 hour old comment.

        You then waited 8.5 months and commented on what I said.

        The only people replying to old comments are FindVegan and you. Your comment “Well you commented on her comment so what’s your take on JFK” was what started our discussion – but it’s misplaced to say that. Twenty-four hours is 900 times shorter than 2.5 years.

      • Komit

        Its not your place. You have no reason other than trying to make
        yourself feel superior by trying to make someone feel bad for expressing
        their feelings by commenting on the timeliness of their comment. Like I
        care self explainitory I refuse to continue to explain comments like
        that. IE “like I care”. I think I have been quite clear I do not care
        if they delete these posts my sole intent was to tell you (you) have no
        right to tell people when where or how they respond to any subject. And
        what hell does it matter 2.5 minutes or 2.5 years thats how she felt
        again not your place to attempt to put her in her place blog-cop. You
        are a churlish self important nobody that indulges in flaming people.

      • Karl Malloy

        Komit, please stop trying to make yourself feel superior by trying to make someone feel bad about expressing their feelings in a good-natured joke about how long the person took to post their comment. That’s how I felt. My sole intent here is to tell you (you) have no right to tell people when where or how they respond to any subject. It’s not your place to attempt to put me in my place blog-cop.
        And get a life – it’s not very flattering to you to be sitting around at some point between 8:30pm and 12:30am on a Friday night trying to put me in my place (which is again not your place). I guess I sometimes forget that you’re in middle school, but that does explain your Friday night activities. Again, not your place to attempt to put me in your place – unless of course you are a hypocrite, then go right ahead and attempt, and repeatedly fail.

  • Bryan

    Sounds like she came to her senses.

  • uworoju

    Sorry, the whole attitude of a lot of vegans/vegetarians, (as in judgemental, respectles, superior) is one of the reasons I would never want to be 100% part of this group . Ginnifer is a grown up woman who can do the fuck she want.

  • Marko Vegano

    It works for the animal that will not have to be enslaved, tortured and killed. We only have to realize that animals are the Africans that were not free here in America. Veganism is not about working out for you, it’s about finding your compassion for another sentient being and doing the best you can to free animals by educating the public. It’s “Not” a diet.

    • Komit

      I have never eaten a black person although if she would spread her legs I would eat Rihanna…

  • Freddy THOMSON

    We (vegans) say goodbye to Ginnifer !

  • beatrix

    Carlos, I am not really interested in the greater conversation you and Marko are/were having, because it seems like the same old back and forth, and a few of the points you made (e.g. unfounded generalisations about veganism being unhealthy, the bit about farmed animals living in a blissful state, at most realising “that one day they’ll be loaded onto a truck and disappear”) make it difficult to take your extended argument seriously. So yes, as you astutely observed, my questions were concerned only with your dogs and cats comment, which stood out to me when I skimmed the conversation a few weeks ago. The reason you gave for being ok with eating them was that they eat other animals. This is inconsistent with your willingness to eat herbivores. Either what an animal eats is relevant, or it’s not.
    Do you truly hold yourself to the same standards as other apex predators? I’m not personally interested in the answer but I think it would be cool for you to think about.
    Dear, dear Carlos, people have to eat in order to live. This is not a fact that vegans are ignorant of. Do you truly think that a cow is more like a plant than a person? The day that plants turn out to be just as sentient as animals, I will eat my hat.

    • carlos camargo

      beatrix, are you reading my comments in their entirety or picking off words at random from them to argue against? It is very flawed and disingenuous for you to ignore the fact that when I state that I hold myself to the same standard as apex predators, this means that I get to eat everything below me on the food chain. Everything below me being everything non-human that wasn’t successful at eating me. This includes, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. I am at peace with eating anything made of flesh, and some plants too as well as their ovaries (fruit). So, no, no inconsistencies in my argument, at least not what you were pointing at.
      I would think it interesting if vegans were ignorant of the fact that people have to live to eat, that would make for a fairly short evolutionary chain wouldn’t it? I imagine most wouldn’t live past being weaned from their mother’s milk. Silly to write that out, wasn’t it?

      Do I think that a cow is more like a plant than a person? No, we share a lot more genes with cows and we are both land based mammals. What is the motivation for such a question dear beatrix, did you want to pursue an argument down that avenue?
      What will your hat be made of that you’d be eating? Straw? you animal! that’s plant based, it was once a sentient being!
      Polyester? Worse yet! That was once a living breathing dinosaur and think of the carbon footprint of making that hat!
      I have a feeling that the day that plants turn out to be just as sentient as human beings is the day you’ll stop being a vegan and give in to your human/animal nature as an omnivore.
      I am still waiting for someone to arrive with science based arguments, please, anybody?

  • pixiemom

    Stop placing these idiots on a pedestal any time one of them announces “I’m vegan.” It always turns out the same way and ends up truly hurting the message and the movement.

    • bean420

      That’s right! If you’re gonna fail, especially as a celebrity, don’t even bother trying! All those lives she saved when she wasn’t eating, totally meaningless now. Her health issues? What good does it do her to live, while baby and full grown animals die? Just take her out back already.

      god forbid we use it as a way to educate people.

  • Brendle

    I’d really like to know what health conditions require bacon!

    • bean420

      quality of life issues

  • Jillian

    Seems like she became vegan to be cool.

  • Mike

    Eh. Veganism isn’t the stupidest idea that people have ever had, but it’s up there. Once someone over the age of 12 does it once, I automatically assume they’re a moron, so changing back doesn’t really make a difference.

  • EcoCowsAreYummy

    Good for her!

  • Hugh Mason

    Some people simply can’t be true to the courage of their convictions. And sad to say, I feel that a lot of these “celebrities” try ‘Vegan’ b/c it’s a fad or the latest trendy thing to do. They don’t care about the real reasons that most TRUE Vegans care about Animals and our planet.
    Let’s face it, being Vegan is extremely difficult in the middle of this society, and to stick with it is the true measure of a REAL Animal lover.
    But once you start on that path it is incredibly fulfilling and enlightening.
    This ridiculous notion that Vegan’s don’t eat “proper food” shows ignorance, there are amazing ways to cook and discover vegetables, plants and nuts from many resources with healthy decisions.

    And I am sick of hearing about ‘this celeb is now Vegan blah blah blah…’ only to see images of them wearing fur!!! … WTF is that message sending?
    NO, they are NOT Vegan.

  • Kat


  • Fable Workshop

    She’s Learning …We ALL need Protein! I love her!! Bless her! There’s room for everyone to Learn! :)

  • Bendier Johnson

    Well, I sure hope she chokes her own chickens! I do!

  • louise mollot


  • louise mollot


  • Shroudwoman

    I am Buddhist and part of a large International sangha with many Monks & Nuns. Buddhists are by nature vegetarian but many Monks and Nuns must eat animal protein for their health. Veganism is an intellectual construct that is not the basis of any cultural group on Earth ( try being a vegan in Alaska.) If it works for some people that’s great but it certainly does not work for every human body.