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Climate Scientist Rap is Funky, Fresh and Informative

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In this political climate where it seems that everyone is on TV talking about climate change except climate scientists, what is a group of peer-reviewed experts to do?

Release a rap video, that’s what.

A group of climate scientists have collaborated with Hungry Beast, an Australian news and comedy program, to bring the brand-new rap song “I’m a Climate Scientist” to the world. The Beastie Boys-esque (and quite well produced) video hit YouTube a few days ago and is already racking up views.

In the video, a group of actual climate scientists (with their names and titles up there and everything) rap about how climate change is a serious, man-made threat, politicians are a bunch of whiners, and deniers are full of crap.

There’s plenty of attitude, and enough shots at deniers to go around: at one point the scientists rap, “Unlike Andrew Bolt, our work is peer reviewed,” (oh snap!). Later, an Alan Jones impersonator raps, “The greenhouse effect is just a theory, sucker,” to which the hip-hop scientists reply, “Yeah so is gravity, float away motherf***er!”

While the video certainly has a lot of fun and instills some humor into the situation, the message is still a very important one: though there may be believers and deniers, often the people with the media’s attention are not climate scientists. While Fox News might be full of climate change deniers, you would be hard pressed to find one who is also a peer-reviewed climate scientist.

Check out the video below, but be warned that there’s some pretty serious adult language in this one. If you want a clean version to play in front of the kids, there’s one of those on YouTube as well.



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