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Photo: Flickr via Michael Jacksonfan

Looks like Michael Jackson is being exploited again, but this time it’s for a green cause.

Reginald Garcia, an inventor in Los Angeles, photographed Michael 33 years ago and now hopes that he can sell those images to help finance the launch of an electric motor. He claims that this motor generates more electricity than it uses and will help to solve the world’s energy problems.

In total there are 130 unpublished photos of Michael, all of a 19-year-old with his brothers during a video shoot in Hollywood (before all the surgeries). There are images in black and white during breaks on the set, and color photos of the Jackson 5 in blue tuxedos on a soundstage.

“I sat him in front of a mirror and shot some photos, and I said ‘act like you’re reading a letter like you just got from your girl,’” Garcia told CNN. “He was the greatest guy you could ever talk to.”

The photos come from a time in Michael’s life where he felt he was ugly and going through an awkward stage, and it’s images like these that Michael made a point of trying to personally dispose of. Yet, in spite of that, the inventors are pushing forward.

“It’s generating more energy recharging the battery than it actually draws from the battery,” said business partner David Marohnic of the motor. “What we’re essentially looking for is trying to take the photos that Reggie took of Michael Jackson, his legacy, use those funds to try to take our prototype to the market and ultimately clean up the environment and use less greenhouse gases as a result of a motor that’s very highly efficient.”

To which Garcia added, “We have a destiny of a greener earth, a door opening today that should lead us to this clean earth.”

What do you all think about this? Is it okay to capitalize on unpublished images of Michael if it’s in the name of a good cause?


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