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Controversy is nothing new for celeb chef Gordon Ramsay, and he has landed himself in hot water again after eating a snake heart for his UK TV show “Gordon’s Great Escape.”

Of course, this isn’t entirely unexpected, as the man previously ate a raw puffin heart for ratings. But animal rights groups are obviously not pleased about this latest development.

The snake heart is a local Vietnamese delicacy said to improve sexual potency, and was taken from a cobra when the animal was split open at Ramsay’s table. Apparently once you eat the heart, it remains beating in your stomach for several minutes after. The chef was warned of this and he stated, “The thought of eating that turns my stomach.”

But in spite of his nausea, he still ate it.

And Andrew Tyler, the Director of the charity Animal Aid, remarked, “Clearly Gordon Ramsay is complicit in an act of cruelty to an animal, something that would be a criminal offense if it happened in Britain. Snakes can feel pain like any other animal and there is no excuse for this. His macho posturing and this disgusting scene in particular, suggests he is insecure in his masculinity.”

The episode aired yesterday in the UK with a warning to viewers that the program would feature animal slaughter.

Yeah, that’s gross.

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  • Sonia

    By doing that, Ramsey is also condoning the fact that endangered species around the world are being sold on the black market to “improve sexual potency” and other ridiculousness.

    He’s a jerkface!

  • LittleMe

    The thought of him turns my stomach. He’s violent and aggressive and it is hardly surprising that he loves animal cruelty so much.

  • don miuelo

    Yawn, what a one trick pony.

    Imagine the irony if Aliens killed him in this way.
    Now THAT I might watch!

  • imforthewhales

    Ugh, douchbag