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We love all of the odd animal pairings that have been popping up lately (thank you YouTube!!).

There was the video of the cat and dolphins who became fast friends, then the deer and the goose who protected each other, and NOW we give you the oddest couple we have yet to see: a cat and a barn owl.

Seriously cute!

The person who captured footage of the cat (named Fum) and the barn owl (named Gebra) managed to grab video of the two playing together. The owl swooping in low and the cat jumping to reach it, the pair climbing a tree together, and at one point we even see the cat brushing up against the owl.

The “filmmaker” also added some pretty interesting music, and by “interesting” I of course mean hilarious.

This bizarre pairing is a Disney movie in the making, enjoy!

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  • Tualetinis popierius

    very cute! :)

  • Clarice McKenney

    My friends and I want to know where and by whom the scenes with Fum and Gebra were filmed.

    I have done as much research as I am able, but can’t find anything on it.

    The audio sounds Spanish, sort of, and someone recognized a yucca plant in the background and wondered if it was shot in Mexico.

    Someone who knows, please advise.