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Photo: Bridget Laudien for Farm Sanctuary

At the Farm Sanctuary Gala last weekend we spoke with Simone Reyes from Running Russell Simmons about her work with Russell, her reality show and her love of Farm Sanctuary.

Check out our interview with her below!

Ecorazzi: You work for Russell Simmons. Can you tell us a bit about your role?

Simone Reyes: Well, I’m Russell’s executive assistant. We just did a TV show called Running Russell Simmons on Oxygen. And our catch phrase for that show was vegan so we’re so thrilled to be here for Gene and for everybody at Farm Sanctuary and to tell them that we love them from the bottom of our hearts.

Ecorazzi: I saw on Running Russell Simmons that you were making fun of Russell’s cooking. Is Russell a good cook?

Simone Reyes: You know what, Russell can really rustle up, like, a quick meal to go faster than I’ve ever seen anybody do it before so, you know, it’s all vegan. It’s all good.

Ecorazzi: How was the shake that was made for NOH8? (The proceeds of the shake went to the NOH8 foundation, a campaign designed to raise awareness for LGBT issues after California voted for Prop 8.)

Simone Reyes: The vegan No H8 shake was amazing. It had vegan oreo cookies in it and it had vegan soy milk of course and apparently it’s selling off the shelves. Apparently they can’t keep it in stock.

Ecorazzi: You were vegan before Russell?

Simone Reyes: Yes.

Ecorazzi: Did you help inspire his transition?

Simone Reyes: I would like to say that I helped inspire Russell to be vegan but I think most of the credit goes to Dave and Sharon Life at the Jivamukti Yoga Center. He’s a big yogi and going to an animal rights run yoga center is really what did it.

Ecorazzi: How long have you been involved with Farm Sanctuary?

Simone Reyes: I was at Farm Sanctuary in the 90’s so, yeah, I went there and spent the night and was so happy to be able to have that experience when they were kind of first starting out and I’m due to go back there soon.

Ecorazzi: Thank you for speaking with us and enjoy the evening and the food.

Simone Reyes: That’s exactly what I’m looking forward to.

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    Nothing but goodness and love in this article. I’m glad to hear more voices for the animals. More please !!! NOH8