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SHOCKING NEWS!* (*read: not shocking at all)

Glenn Beck decided to quit his vegan diet!

We told you back in April when the Beck-ster went veg for health reasons, cutting out meat and focusing on a plant based diet that he called “vomitus” and “apocalyptic.”

Well, looks like the lure of animals finally got to him, as he broke the vegan diet after sticking to it for just 20 days. On his own website he wrote, “I had a bet with my security detail that I could go 21 days on a raw vegan diet, and I made it 20. I made it 20 whole days. I was 23 hours away from winning! And I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Poor baby.

The 47-year-old was on a trip to Israel when he finally snapped, making sure to indulge in ice cream and burgers.

This latest move shouldn’t come as any surprise, as he has been on a particularly vile trip of douche baggery, including calling Meghan McCain fat.

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  • Karina

    Whoa shocker! Not. I was actually thinking about this yesterday (beck going vegan I mean). Did anybody really think he would last longer than a month? Doubt it. Even if he remained vegan, he would still be an idiot, because all he does is insult vegans and veganism. And Glenn Beck should not be calling anybody fat.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Glenn Beck will bring 9-11 investigation to Israel
    Glenn Beck will bring 9-11 evidence to Israel
    Dancing Neoconservatives
    United for Protection

  • herwin

    what’s with all the insults and sarcasm and calling him an idiot ? At least he did what many people DON’T do, he listened to his doctor and went vegan.
    Especially for the likes like Beck going vegan that’s a BIG step.
    Oh, and Erin, “just” twenty days ? Well, guess what, a RAW vegan diet is a very tough diet to begin with, so in my opinion he did well by sticking to it for twenty days.

    You know, Erin, if Justin Bieber would go vegan for only one day, you would “probably” post some over-the-top article praising him.
    Just because it’s Beck he has to be trashed, eh, even if he tries veganism.

    Beck vegan for twenty days ? Very good !

    • Karina

      Honestly, I wouldn’t even care that he only lasted twenty days if he hadn’t been complaining and insulting vegans the entire time.

    • Jeff

      What’s with the insults? Seriously? Beck is a horrible, horrible person. Vegan or not, he’s still a douche and works tirelessly to weaken our nation. Can’t believe you’re defending this a-hole.

  • Meghan

    Thanks for the inspiration! I followed your lead and blogged about the story. Hope you get a kick out of it :)

  • Patrick

    Forever the moron. But that’s okay. Eventually his heart disease will catch up with him.

  • don miguelo

    Insulting people doesn’t usually garner others to your cause and it’s generally not nice. Ironically, the opposite is true with Glenn Beck and his show of vitriolic insults for all those years. If he was some regular, generally nice stranger I’m sure vegans would be more understanding– but that’s not what is going on here.

    Asking vegans to be merciful in response to his vegan badmouthing is kind of a stretch for me, and I’m sure impossible for some here on this green, vegan-friendly website. That’s not a reflection so much on touchy vegans as it is a indication of how he made the bed that he lies in today. PLUS I think he can take it, seeing as how he dishes it out so hard.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    He couldn’t even do 21 days? Talk about weak-willed!

  • Kristie Stuart Killen

    maybe it might have been a better idea to ease into it instead of going raw vegan. That is hard even for a long time, committed vegan. Baby steps Mr. Beck….

  • Sean Whelan