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Jamie Oliver‘s Emmy Award winning show Food Revolution has been in a flux lately, angering some for trying to expose poor food choices in lunchrooms and celebrated by others who are eager for a healthier change. But now he’s getting some celeb support, and from a rather unlikely place: Danny DeVito.

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star has pledged to help Oliver in his crusade to combat unhealthy school lunches.

It seems an interesting choice for someone who plays a character on TV, Frank, who is anything but healthy. And for someone who usually tweets about drinking beer and eating cake with his co-stars, it’s almost jarring to see his latest series of tweets in support of Oliver.

“Got up again to talk about Jamie Oliver and his passion about getting kids to start on a good diet and fight the sugar and salt,” he tweeted. “Let’s help!”

He also added, “We have to do it. We have to talk about the future. Lets not suck our kids into a additive life of soda pop and candy.”

We think it’s great that DeVito is rallying behind Oliver, especially since it shows his fans a different and more invested side.

Keep up the great work!

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  • herwin

    Jamie oliver, isn’t that the guy who promotes fois gras ? Anyway, wow-ow-wee, good that he fights sugars and salt and just awsome jolly good that the Razzians cover this and greenwash a chef who promotes meat and even sticks a knife in a lambs throat to prove his point and score some extra viewers. Way to go.

    • Danny Grubb

      You can’t even give the guy a thumbs up for trying to change the school lunch system because you disagree with him on one point? Way to have a nuanced view herwin.

      You do realize that nearly all predators go for the throat when killing, right? So you wouldn’t give a bear a thumbs up for (oh I don’t know) eating berries because yesterday he performed last rights on a fawn?

      Jamie Oliver is a Chef. That means that he has to be good at cooking up all kinds of stuff including meat. The fact that he’s lending his talents in this fight speaks to his desire to make this world a better place for every one… not just organisms with fur. I hope he shames every member of that school board into resigning.

      Then I hope he celebrates by having a large, juicy, perfectly cooked steak!

      • herwin

        Actually i mentioned two points, “fois gras” and “killing an animal for viewer ratings”, both are main topics for not only me but for the whole animal rights comunity.

        Especialy Fois Gras is a big topic with its own anti fois gras websites, boycots of restaurants who serve it, and celebrities like Roger Moore who asks restaurants to stop serving fois gras.

        The last years we see more and more killing of animals like in survival shows and also cooking shows. Mr Oliver killed with his own hands a lamb, and also threw baby chicks in a shredder. Since mr Oliver didn’t stop eating eggs himself, i really wonder about his intentions, obviously shredding baby chicks doesn’t make him stop eating eggs so my guess is that he is a slick guy and does it for tv ratings and the shock value.

        So in short, me bringing up these two points are relevant and in fact bring more nuance to the goody goody boyscout image that the Razzi gives us of this celeb chef.

        Celebrating with a steak, what you suggest, isn’t very healthy, obviously you are not aware of the connection between meat and diseases like clogged up arteries and heart attacks, colon cancer, and that it contributes to diabetes.

  • LittleMe

    The guy annoys the hell out of me and does seem quite hypocritical when it comes to certain issues (particularly animal welfare). However, I hope his campaign makes parents and local governments in the US realise how important it is to provide healthier meals for kids in schools, etc.

    PS We’re not bears or lions or any other predator for that matter. As humans we’re supposed to have a bit more control over our actions and behaviour rather than be driven by instinct alone. Otherwise rape, cannibalism, etc. would be perfectly acceptable.