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For their new tour with New Kids on the Block (which honestly, should have caused the space/time continuum to collapse), the Backstreet Boys have decided to kick it veggie-style and drop meat from their diets.

“We’re getting a lot of rest and have switched over to a vegetarian diet. I’m trying to get my brain clear and ready for everything that’s to come,” Nick Carter told “I downloaded a meditation book. I like to relax and meditate. I think they’re important because I have so much going on, and if I don’t find peace within it all, it could be dangerous for your health.”

Sounds like a good mix to us. Back in the day, the ‘Boys used to request lunches during tours that included hamburgers, French dip, hot turkey, Sloppy Joe’s, and tacos – so it’s cool to see them embracing a healthier approach to the whole thing.

Check out the two groups performing on DWTS earlier this year below:

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  • mister jingles

    this is great news! the backstreet boys are one of my favorite band and i am also a vegetarian!

  • Hayley Suska

    So cool! I hope they continue after the tour. I know they can do it! Next tour kick it up a notch and go vegan!

  • kaldrinna

    If the public knew how our meat got to the nicely packaged celephane wrapped hunks of flesh….they may reconsider eating beef/pork/chicken….. The ongoing cruelty and sickness and lack of an effective way to knock/stun/kill these animals….you guys may reconsider.

  • Linda Jones Everett

    What Kaldinna says is so true. People should rethink what they eat, what they wear and otherwise use in everyday life.