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Sea Shepherd Fleet Gets A Makeover For New Campaigns

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For their upcoming campaign to protect endangered bluefin tuna, titled Operation Blue Rage II, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has adopted some new colors – a marked departure from their usual all-black palette.

Watson commented in early April that the new paint jobs not only reflect the organization’s widening scope of conservation, but also serve a functional purpose in response to the new environments the fleet now encounters.

“The black ships, coupled with our own Jolly Roger, lent an air of intimidation,” he writes, discussing the choice of the color during the org’s anti-whaling campaigns in the frigid Southern Ocean. “Secondly, the color black absorbs heat and this helped conserve energy in an environment with 24-hour sunlight, but a close to zero degrees climate.”

“With campaigns before us in the Mediterranean, Palau, Galapagos, and across the Indian Ocean, Equatorial Africa, and the South Pacific, the color black is not the most comfortable,” he later added. “We now need to reflect heat instead of absorbing it.”

The color scheme is actually a redux of what the group used during anti-poaching campaigns off Cocos, Malpelo, and the Galapagos Islands in 2002. “The Steve Irwin has now been repainted, with the Bob Barker in process, in marine tropical and semi-tropical camo giving our ships a somewhat military appearance, so that we can continue to be intimidating but the lighter colors will make the interior of the ships much cooler,” Watson wrote.

Also of interest is the fact that the SSCS’s $4M fast interceptor vessel, the M/V Gojira will be receiving a new name in addition to a sleek new “metallic silver” paint job. Apparently, lawyers representing the trademark for the name Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese) were less than pleased. SSCS says the new name, logo, and paint job for the vessel will be unveiled just before the launch of Operation Blue Rage II sometime next week.

Check out some additional pics of the Steve Irwin’s new paint job below. Thanks to Planet Ocean Alliance for the tip!

Portholes light up at night for a "Castle Grayskull" effect.

The Steve Irwin flies the tri-color flag of the Netherlands.


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