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Photo: Flickr via José Goulão

Katy Perry‘s 2011 California Dreams tour is turning out to be quite the veggie affair, as The Smoking Gun snagged the “E.T.” singer’s concert rider, and there’s no meat to be seen!

The 26-year-old has requested plant-based snacks, like organically grown fruit, veggies with hummus, dried strawberries, edamame, dried apples, and pita chips. And while the rider is uber veggie, choices like Ranch dressing and honey keep it from being vegan, but we think the girl is doing good!

Plus, Perry has requested that water dispensers be provided along with reusable SIGG bottles so that she and her entourage will be drinking water the eco-friendly way. How awesome is that?

It’s a trend that Perry has been on for some time now, as she and her hubby Russell Brand went on a health kick where they replaced dairy with wheat and tofu, and celebrated this past Christmas with a tofurky!

Incidentally, earlier this morning Perry tweeted that Brand was deported from Japan, allegedly because of his past criminal convictions. Guess he won’t be enjoying any of Perry’s veggie rider!

Via Vegetarian Star

  • don miguelo

    I’m guessing that ‘Peacock’ is not on the menu, it’s just on her songlist!

    Is a ‘concert rider’ the food services that travel with the tour? (I have no idea I’m not hip).

    • Robert

      Don, it’s basically a set of requests made by the singer during the tour. Let’s say I’m a freak for a certain type of tea. It might be in the rider that I always have that tea in my dressing room at all times. With Katy, it’s that the menu be all organic fruits and veg. Absolutely no carnations. Plus other things that might be silly to you and me but apparently she takes serious.

      • don miguelo

        Now I can tell the family I have an ‘uber veggie rider’ requirement for me to show up to Thanksgiving, haha!