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New Poster For 'Confessions Of An Eco-Terrorist' Drops

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Confessions of a Eco-Terrorist“, the new documentary that chronicles the work of Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has been screening around the country and picking up generally positive reviews.

Seen through the eyes of activist Peter Jay Brown, “Confessions” gives the viewer an “intimate look at shipboard life amongst these self-proclaimed animal saviors and sea rebels, the ones who helped shape the Green Movement we know and love today.”

“Not likely to tickle the funny bone of Brown & Co.’s many foes, this unusually antic activist docu should strike just about everyone else as a refreshing contrast to the usual bleak tenor of save-the-planet cinema,” wrote Variety in a review back in February. “As much as it pains my heart to gain knowledge of more evil that is currently perpetuated by man over nature, there is a great amount of joy in this film. It boggles my mind how some people can withstand witnessing such severe monstrosities,” reported SBCC Film Reviews.

In an interview with the LA Times in April, Watson did express concern over the title of the film – saying that he believes Brown chose it as a means to attract attention. “It’s Peter’s film, and if this is his perception and his project, then I am fine with that,” he added.

At the time, however, the Sea Shepherd founder had yet to see the film. In a posting on his Facebook page yesterday, he readdressed the issue saying, “The title actually fits in because it is a very funny film and after seeing the film it explains the title.”

While there’s no word yet on a pickup by a distributor, the positive showing at Cannes could potentially lead to a theatrical release. Check out a trailer for the film after the jump below.

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